‘Go Where the Light is Dim’ – The Call of Oral Roberts Lives On | GOD TV

‘Go Where the Light is Dim’ – the Call of Oral Roberts Lives On

‘Go Where the Light is Dim’ – the Call of Oral Roberts Lives On
‘Go Where the Light is Dim’ – the Call of Oral Roberts Lives On

The Call of Oral Roberts Lives On

Today’s believers can switch on any number of Christian Channels, but it wasn’t always so easy to access faith-based programming. It was media pioneers like the world-famous healing evangelist, Oral Roberts who was the first to televise God’s power at work. His miracle healing crusades took to the air in 1955 and by the time he passed away in 2009 Christian TV was firmly established with channels like GOD TV taking the Gospel message to the ends of the earth.

One of the most influential Christian leaders of the 20th Century and a great believer in envisioning the next generation, Oral Roberts founded a university in 1965. Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, Oklahoma empowers people to reach their God-given potential and GOD TV airs two series from the university – World Impact and ORU Chapel.

God’s Commission to Oral Roberts

“Raise up your students to hear My voice, to go where My light is dim, where My voice is heard small, and My healing power is not known, even to the uttermost bounds of the earth. Their work will exceed yours, and in this, I am well pleased.” These are the words God spoke to Oral Roberts over 50 years ago and the call is just as important today as we expectantly await the return of Jesus to the earth.

Watch World Impact and ORU Chapel on GOD TV and be inspired to go further with God than you ever thought possible…

World Impact airs on Fridays at 2 pm or you can click to watch online.  Hosted by ORU President, Billy Wilson this half-hour show provides inspired teaching from a Biblical worldview. A much sought-after Bible teacher and author, Dr Wilson is a global influencer who is passionate about building up leaders to impact the nations.

ORU Chapel airs on Saturdays at 4 pm or you can click to watch on demand. This hour-long show direct from Oral Roberts University features praise and worship and a challenging message from Billy Wilson, often with a well-known guest speaker. Previous speakers have included Reinhard Bonnke, Jentezen Franklin, Brian Houston, Marilyn Hickey, Craig Groeschel and Christine Caine.

Both these series will help you accomplish your part in answering the Great Commission.

God’s Commission to You

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19)

Jesus calls every believer to be part of the Great Commission to go into all the world and share the Gospel with all people and media has become such an effective way that this objective can be achieved as we take back control of the airwaves.

Dr Billy Wilson is an example of a minister who has a passion for this call. Known for his unwavering ethics and strong business acumen, he has three decades of executive leadership experience to share with believers to help them be most effective in sharing the Gospel.

He has also built on Oral Roberts mandate by establishing global alliances through Empowered21 – an ORU initiative that brings ministry leaders, scholars and next generation voices together. Dr Wilson has often been featured on GOD TV, at the Word Explosion Conference at Victory Church, Tulsa, and he hosted the Empowered21 Global Congress in Jerusalem that we aired LIVE in 2015.

He has written several books including Father Cry, Foundations of Faith and Fasting Forward and is associated with the Pentecostal World Fellowship; Mission America Coalition; International Christian Embassy Jerusalem; the Azusa Street Centennial and the Awakening America Alliance.

GOD TV viewers can learn much from his high-profile ministry and through the ongoing work of Oral Roberts University. Dr. Roberts revolutionised evangelism by bringing television cameras into his live healing crusade services and providing a “front-row seat for miracle” for millions of viewers, something GOD TV continues to aspire to, today.

Oral Roberts also helped people everywhere find a better understanding of God’s goodness and His desire to make them whole. Tune in to GOD TV for these broadcast and trust God to touch your life like never before. Take up the challenge to go where others have not been and share the Good News of Jesus where it hasn’t been heard.

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