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The Call

An Interactive Bible study

Bible Study

This discussion guide is meant to be used as a simple, three-step tool to help your small group dive deeper into God’s Word, nurture conversation, and draw your group nearer to Christ. As a leader, begin your group in prayer by asking the Holy Spirit to lead your discussion.

Step 1 Watch

Watch The Call with your small group and allow time for reflection and observation after the film is finished.

Step 2 Read

Read Matthew 11:27-30 out loud with your group and allow time for reflection and observation of the passage of Scripture.

Step 3 Ask questions

  1. In verse 28, Jesus talks about those “who labor and are heavy laden”. Does that describe you? Why or why not?
  2. Jesus promises to give those who come to Him rest. How are you striving for rest (joy, peace, etc.) apart from Christ?
  3. In verse 29, Jesus describes Himself as, “gentle and lowly in heart”. What is your response to this statement?
  4. What does it look like to “come to” Jesus on a daily basis?

Download Study Guide

This video Bible study was produced by Moving Works a filmmaking ministry based out of Austin, TX. This film is available for download and screening to your small group or church. Click here to download.

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