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The Christian and Missionary Alliance Advancing God’s Kingdom

Knowing Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King

The Christian and Missionary Alliance Advancing God’s Kingdom
The Christian and Missionary Alliance Advancing God’s Kingdom

The mission field is much more than what we see on a daily basis. Many Christians only see what they are exposed to within their own church and denomination. Unfortunately, we become blind to the world around us. We assume our church only supports hurting ones. But the world is a much larger place than we understand. Ministries like the Christian and Missionary Alliance work to expand our limited horizon. They work with the body of Christ, as a whole, to find areas that are hungry for God’s Word.

The Ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

Christian and Missionary Alliance (CM&A) is a ministry established in 1887. A.B. Simpson, a Presbyterian pastor, founded the ministry society. They wanted to help train missionaries for work across the US as well as throughout the world.  They identify as a family with an Acts 1:8 evangelistic heart to minister to the local community and the mission field abroad.

      • Love our Neighbor – C&MA works to plant churches within the United States. The Alliance family has grown to over 2000 churches with over 500,000 worshipers in over 57 languages and dialects.
      • Love our World – These churches serve as missionary hubs that send out over 700 workers to over 70 nations across the globe.

The Leadership

The Christian and Missionary Alliance was originally a group of congregations known as branches. The branches equipped missionaries for sharing the Gospel, composed of multidenominational clergymen and eventually grew into a church denomination themselves.

      • B. Simpson – Founder – His pastoral role in New York City led him to a concern for the unreached masses across the world. He found like-minded colleagues and began to meet to discuss what could they could do. These meetings became the Christian and Missionary Alliance. His work and influence sparked missions work through all denominations to many across the world.
      • John Strumbo – Current President – John became President of CM&A in 2013. He spends most of his ministry time preaching and assuming his leadership roles. He records a monthly podcast to update The Alliance family as to what is happening within the organization.

The Mission

The CM&A ministry’s heartbeat is fourfold. First and foremost, to know Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Soon and Coming King. Because of who Christ is, it is essential to express:

      • Love – Firstly, love is the essence of their calling. In a world that has twisted and turned the meaning of love, Christian and Missionary Alliance strive to refocus the world to understand the difference between a worldly definition of love and a God-centered intention of love.
      • Proclaim – A celebration of God reaching out to each of us through His Word. Christians are commissioned to proclaim the Gospel; to share the message of Christ, unashamed, and with lives that proclaim the truth.
      • Reach – Reaching the world in three areas of emphasis: Those moving into new neighborhoods; those most overlook: children, the elderly, and disabled; and those who do not have access to the message of the Gospel.
      • Launch – Finally, helping equip the saints through teaching, encouraging, and training. Getting missionaries ready to evangelize and plant churches. In addition, to give generously, boldly pray, and to prepare to equip those that follow.

Christian and Missionary Alliance Achieved Vision

From overseas missions to a neighborhood church CM&A has been spreading the knowledge of Christ for well over a century. One man’s vision of reaching lost souls began with great scrutiny. Yet, through the determination of answering God’s call has grown into a global ministry. It has ministered and trained hundreds of thousands of Christians into the mission field.





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