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Dealing With Offenses In Our Lives

The Cross Is The Antidote

Dealing With Offenses In Our Lives
Dealing With Offenses In Our Lives

Offense is a common experience for most of us. Our response to offenses is what makes the difference to how we will manage our lives. If we give in to offense then it will haunt us for the rest of our lives. Offense is the devil’s strategy to upset people from achieving their destiny. Like failure, it will keep you from moving forward.

We all are guilty of offending others by word or deed. Offense works both ways. It affects the offender and the one offended. The offender feels guilty for causing the offense to another. The offended feels ashamed and put down. In both cases, the offence has caused an insult to our soul. Our thoughts and feelings have been assaulted. We see the other person as one to avoid and demean and insult. What is the way out of this cycle of offense?

Jesus’ Example

Jesus is a good example of one who suffered offense all His life. He came as the Savior of mankind but suffered because of our sin. On the Cross, He took upon Himself the blame and the shame that we feel. While on Earth, He did not retaliate because He knew who was really the offender. The devil uses people to offend because that is his job description. The devil was thrown out of Heaven and in response, he was hell-bent on causing offense through man as a way to pay God back. God took it upon Himself to save us from the offense. Jesus paid the price by going to the Cross and carrying our offenses upon Himself. Now we are free from the hurt of offenses as we embrace His salvation, full and free.

God’s Solution For Offenses

Offense is causing so much damage in the body of Christ. The devil is targeting leaders since they are on the front lines. How a leader copes with offenses determines how he leads his flock. Many drop out of ministry because they have given in to offenses from people close to them. The devil’s strategy is to divide and rule. He has done this well over the centuries. Now is the time to reverse this trend and give the devil a hard time. We must send the offenses we experience to the Cross and leave them there. We must rise up and use the experience to turn our offense into the joy of suffering for Jesus’ sake. He said we would face suffering but also joy. Most of all, we will experience the power of His resurrection. So let go of any offenses and let God take over and we will see revival come to our land.

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