The Day I Discovered God Was More Important Than Baseball – Kurtis Rupe | God TV

The Day I Discovered God Was More Important Than Baseball – Kurtis Rupe

Baseball player discovered Bible School and being a pastor was God's plan for his life

The Day I Discovered God Was More Important Than Baseball – Kurtis Rupe
The Day I Discovered God Was More Important Than Baseball – Kurtis Rupe

Harvest Bible Institute Student Testimony

Kurtis Rupe grew up in a Christian home and was an avid baseball player on a competitive travel team as a teenager. He said, “During high school I got the honor to play with some of the best baseball players in the country.”

“Many young guys that I played with are now in the minor leagues. And some are in the Major Leagues. Being around this culture, I began to just focus on money, popularity, and fame. By my junior year in high school, I was in talks with colleges and scouts.”

He continued saying, “It was all becoming a reality to play in the pros! But after a big game we lost I had some negative words spoken to me. They really hurt me. But then I heard the audible voice of God speaking to me, ‘Kurtis, if you stick with this lifestyle, it will lead you to heartbreak, misery, and loneliness in the end. How much are you willing to give up for me?’”

“I did not have to ask who was speaking to me, I already knew. At this moment, I started reflecting on my life and how selfish I’d been. Putting my worldly desires and identity in a baseball. All my life I felt so big, but now I had been caught by God’s faithfulness. And I felt so small.”

Called to Ministry

“God revealed himself to me and the least I could do is give up the closest thing to me in my life. I gave up baseball, not knowing what He had in store for me. But then He then told me to be a pastor.”

Kurtis then shared what happened next, “I enrolled into a Bible college for a year. But realizing it was going to be too expensive I was forced to drop out. I faced frustration with God, feeling like He led me to a dead end. I told God that if He really wanted me to be a pastor He had to open a door for me. The very next day after saying this to God, I found out about Harvest Bible Institute. And after enrolling I was accepted.”

“I was nervous because it was not like my other Bible college. But now at Harvest, I have sensed God’s calling on my life stronger than ever before.”

Kurtis concluded by saying, “At Harvest Bible Institute I am getting the education I’ve desired, equipping me for future ministry. Going to this school is one of the very best life decisions I have ever made. It is a place where you are encouraged, discovering your full potential for the life Jesus has for you.”

Bible Based, Gospel Centered, Spirit Empowered Education

Are you called into the ministry or considering attending Bible college? Perhaps you’re considering a ministry training school but you’re discouraged by the price of tuition? If you are called by God but don’t want to be steeped in debt, then consider Harvest Bible Institute in Des Moines, Iowa.

Harvest is a Spirit-empowered church based, three-year Bible college program giving specific hands-on ministry experience. And it provides mission trips, partnering with Open Bible Church ministries’ School of Global Leadership in Trinidad and Lifesong Learning Center in Cambodia. You’ll get substantive theological training while learning practical ministry and missions as your life trade.

HBI is available for international students. Click for more information: Harvest Bible Institute.


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