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The Desert Is About To Bloom, Are You Ready?

There's rain in the forecast and the desert is about to come to life.

The Desert Is About To Bloom, Are You Ready?
The Desert Is About To Bloom, Are You Ready?

The Oasis in the Desert

In this moment of silence, His voice brings clarity. In the deep darkness, His light shines bright on the innermost chamber of our hearts. Don’t despair. We must be cleansed from all unrighteousness and filth to continue the journey (Psalm 24:3; Psalm 4:6). The turmoil of the heart couldn’t withstand the desert heat any longer. To save us, He brought us to Himself.

This is a call to behold Him.

He brings life from death, joy from sorrow, laughter from tears, and yes, even love from hate.

We might think He’s not there, tossing and turning, wondering where He’s gone.

Look around.

Beloved, we’ve paused for a moment at the Lord’s oasis. Jesus prepared and strengthened us because the desert is about to bloom in fullness and He wanted us to see it.

At this time in history, He refused to let us forfeit such great joy.

Don’t Desire the Past; Look to the Lord

Like Jacob, He found us in a desert land, in a barren, howling wilderness; He surrounded and instructed us. He guarded us as the apple of His eye (Deuteronomy 32:10).

We couldn’t see that the path of yesterday only brought death. Had He let us continue wandering in the desert, we would have missed our Kairos moment.

Oh, we mustn’t be eager to return to the hot sun and the pain of comfort in despair. The rain is coming. If we sit in His presence, we can hear it. Even now, the drizzle of the Holy Spirit kisses our lovely faces.

Simply stop, and in the stillness of His presence, take in the scent of the rain.

The newness in the air will cause the desert to blossom like a rose (Isaiah 35:1). The dormant seeds, hidden in the burning sand awaken, causing hope to come from utter despair.

Let us forsake the sin that so easily ensnares us (Hebrews 12:1). Moreover, may we stop fighting the Lord Jesus and learn to respond from His love. May we give our burdens to the Lord and take His yoke, because it is easy to carry and light (Matthew 11:29-30).

The Desert Blooms For Such a Time as This

He has brought us here, to His oasis, for such a time as this as He did with Esther. Like us, she didn’t perceive that when God asked her to risk it all, even her life, He had already prepared to bless her abundantly.

An entire nation was showered with grace from above because of her obedience to God and intimacy with the King.

In this Kairos moment, Heaven comes to Earth, with the ways and desires of King Jesus,  paving the way for the most magnificent and glorious blooming of the desert flowers.

How do we know? The unique combination of the natural and spiritual conditions calls it forth.

A Call To Behold Him

Beloved of the Lord, linger in His presence since He guided us by the skillfulness of His hands for this time. May we not fall by the wayside for lack of understanding (Matthew 13:19).

All the changes have been our gracious Father mending and cleansing our filthy hearts. He took the time to remind us that all good things come from Him. He is our all and all, the only treasure and hope of glory (Matthew 13:44; Colossians 1:27).

King Jesus called us to rise and come away with Him since He wanted to see our countenance to trace the outline of our faces. His ears burned to hear our voices because sweet is the sound of our voices to Him. How happy He is staring into the eyes He created and the faces He shaped, in the beauty of His Holiness (Song of Solomon 2:10 &14; Psalm 96:9).

We are moving forward and out of the wilderness, leaning on our beloved, singing a new song magnifying the Lord’s name throughout the whole Earth (Song of Solomon 8:5; Psalm 96).

Are you ready for the rain? The desert is about to bloom.

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