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The Devil Is Stickler For Rules But God’s Grace Trumps The Devil

Rules and Grace

The Devil Is Stickler For Rules But God’s Grace Trumps The Devil
The Devil Is Stickler For Rules But God’s Grace Trumps The Devil

Devil and Rules

The devil is bound by rules. He likes to impose rules on others and bind them. He has control over those who break the rules. We give authority to the devil when we sin. Sin is the cause of law-breaking behavior. The devil knows this and so he tries to trap everyone in his net by making them break the rules. It is like a prison. He imprisons us by making us slaves to rules. The law was given to make us aware of sin. The law in itself is not evil. God gave us laws to help us to know what is good for us. He did not give laws to condemn. We condemn ourselves when we break the law. Conscience is that part of us that helps us know what is good and to choose to do right.

God and Grace

God’s grace came in the form of a person, Jesus. Jesus came to abolish the power of sin and to make us righteous through the sacrifice He made on the Cross. God knew we were unable to fulfill the law because of sin. Our sin became a burden too heavy for us to carry. He came to exchange His burden with ours. He said His burden is light because He carries our burden for us. On Him was laid all the sin of the world so that all can now enjoy true freedom from the law of sin and death. Now He opened the way for us through the law of life in Him.


In conclusion, what a freedom we now can enjoy in Him. The devil cannot access His grace because he was thrown out and his destiny is hell. We have been bought with the blood of Jesus and have eternal life in Him. What a beautiful exchange. Come today and be set free from the law of sin and death and live. Once you have tasted of His salvation, nothing can cause you to want to return to the old life. However many choose to return to Egypt having lost their first love. Finally, God is calling us to return to our first love and be set free.

John Mathai

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