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The Enemy Is Fear In Your Mind

How to overcome fear...

The Enemy Is Fear In Your Mind
The Enemy Is Fear In Your Mind

In the Garden of Eden when sin entered the human race, fear was the result. Adam and Eve hid themselves from God. Ever since then the enemy has used fear as a major weapon against us. Where there is fear there will be torment. When fear controls you then everything else becomes subject to it.

You can see the evidence of fear in every walk of life, from the individual to the family to the community. Fear also dominates many churches. Fear is the cause of many controlling behaviours. Once fear is overcome it can be replaced by peace. There is no peace unless fear can be overcome. The answer to fear is faith.

Overcoming Fear

Jesus came to deliver us from the demon of fear. His resurrection power enables us to overcome fear through faith. The cross served a death blow to the enemy and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead was the final weapon. Where there is no resurrection only fear and death prevail. People can die from fear. However, every weapon the devil forms against us can be overcome by faith through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

There is no other solution to fear than what was accomplished on the cross. The first Adam succumbed to temptation. The second Adam, Jesus, reversed this curse. Now all we have to do is to receive this finished work by faith and putting our trust in Him.

There Is Freedom

Tap into this power and be set free today. Every other problem and struggle can be overcome easily when fear is vanquished. His promises are yes and amen! He will never disappoint! Today is your day of salvation!

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