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The “God Gene” Makes You A New Creation In Christ Jesus

Jesus came in the flesh and He carried the "God gene"!

The “God Gene” Makes You A New Creation In Christ Jesus
The “God Gene” Makes You A New Creation In Christ Jesus

Jesus came in the flesh. He carried the “God gene” in Him, but also the “human gene” through Mary. Jesus had the same potential in Him to sin as you and I. Yet He did not sin.

The “God gene”

The “God gene” in Him enabled Him to overcome every temptation to sin. Jesus did this until He was crucified on the cross for you and for me. His death on the cross paid the penalty for sin. Now the devil, world and your flesh no longer has dominion. Sin works through the devil, world and the fallen flesh. The power of sin was cancelled.

Christ’s sacrifice, like a lamb being sacrificed, cancelled the power of sin and cleansed us from all sin. This is the power of the blood of Jesus. His sacrifice now has power to continuously cleanse us from all sin as He continues to live. He not only died, but he rose again so that we could experience His life in us. Jesus’ resurrection enables us to live like Him.

New life in Christ

Jesus has made us new and planted His seed in us. The Holy Spirit resides in us just as He lived inside of Jesus. It is through His presence in us that we can overcome temptation just as Jesus did. All we need to do is live a surrendered life. What a magnificent exchange this is! The life of Christ implanted in us. Jesus’ seed from Heaven implanted in our lives, enabling us to have His gene in us.

The Holy Spirit in us is the key to victory. Jesus was troubled, tempted and opposed. He was never was sick. Jesus suffered much, but never gave into temptation. He confronted the devil with the Word of God. Jesus operated in the gifts of the Spirit. He went through every temptation and challenge known to man in order to redeem man from it.

Now he has deposited this “God gene” in us to enable us to do the same. What a salvation, what a redemption, what a life we have in Christ!

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