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The God of David is Greater Than Our Goliaths

The God of David is Greater Than Our Goliaths
The God of David is Greater Than Our Goliaths

“But I will sing of Your mighty strength and power; yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy and loving-kindness in the morning; for You have been to me a defense (a fortress and a high tower) and a refuge in the day of my distress.” (Psalm 59:16)

Oftentimes we are perplexed when the problems we are facing seem to be insurmountable. There are moments when our battle has not even begun yet, we already retreat like a cowardly soldier. Our judgment is clouded by fear, insecurity and doubt. When the only thing we see in front of us are our problems, suddenly, all the abilities that God has given us shrink into nothingness and we forget all His promises.

This happens when…

  • Our body is threatened with critical illness, we blame God and say “It’s unfair! Why me?”
  • We’ve lost our job or have been passed over for promotion or unjustly treated by our boss or colleagues, we underperform or succumb to despair;
  • The business venture we are anticipating doesn’t materialize or our business ends up in bankruptcy;
  • Our relationships fail or loyalty has been breached, we become depressed and bitter;
  • We are drowning in debt and our unpaid bills have mounted so high that we just want to hide or escape;
  • We are struggling to get out of an addiction or habitual sin and we just let the enemy have the upper hand;
  • We experience rejection, betrayal or lose a loved one and we wallow in self-pity and depression;

The enemy wants us to focus more on our problems than our God. He will try to belittle God and magnify everything that we’re facing, he will even try and cause our emotions to intensify so we end up wounded and blame God.

Do not give in! Our God is the same God that strengthened David to defeat Goliath. God who is in us, is greater than anyone or any force combined. David did not rely on his weapon because he only had a stone and a sling shot, he called on the name of God to fight the battle for Him.

Are we still relying on our own weapons – our abilities, our wealth, our relationships, our own source of security? We cannot rely on those, we can only rely on God like David did. When we partner with God no giants in our lives will ever triumph because we are born victorious. We are born to overcome all these adversities.

Put on the full armor of God. Denounce all battles that Satan and his allies wage on you ask God to deliver you from the chains of difficulties relating to our health, ministry, career, education, business, finances, marriage, family, etc. Do not let your emotions be stirred up by the circumstances in your life. Recall the faithfulness of the Lord over the years, He will empower us to take control of our lives. Let’s stand our ground and break the chains that entangle us. Do not let the devil have a foothold in your life!

Let’s fight our battles on our knees!

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