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The Greatest Prophecy?

And It’s a Regular Thing...

The Greatest Prophecy?
The Greatest Prophecy?

You may have noticed that Facebook live broadcasts, advertising prophecy, and prophetic ministry, often garner an enormous amount of followers.  If you’ve ever joined one,  you’ve likely found yourself surrounded by a throng of people, proverbially pressing forward in the hope they’ll receive something special.  

“Can I get a prophecy?”  

“Do you have a word for me!?”  

I believe this is largely unhealthy, as the majority of the time, we are not to seek personal prophetic words.  They are to come to us (I say the majority of the time because God does make some exceptions when hunger is present and motives are pure).  

This isn’t to discourage person-to-person prophecy, because God created it.  I believe in it, and our Church culture regularly practices it both inside and outside of the walls.  Nevertheless, I believe the most powerful prophetic word one can receive from God is: 

“Come away with Me.”

It took me years to become familiar with that still small voice.  I’ve learned it sounds a lot like your conscience whispering, “I want to get away from everything.”  The thought of sitting on the couch in the evening watching Netflix or perusing Instagram seems blasé, even if for a moment.  

Guys, most of the time, that is God!  

It happened again last night.  As I was pulling into my parking lot, I looked across the street at our empty, church building.  Something inside whispered, “Come lay on the carpet and soak with Me.  Come raise your voice and pray those deep things from your soul.  It’s time again.”  

I know now, this thought or notion isn’t of my own accord.  Neither is it coming from a place of guilt or shame as if I never am with God.  I am often turned to Him;  He goes where I go.  Still, there’s something to this call:  “Come away with Me.”  There’s something about shutting all the doors of daily distraction and being alone with the Spirit of Jesus.  

He Waits For Us

This is, I believe, the greatest prophetic word we can receive.  If we are listening, it’s one we will receive on a regular basis.  See, God isn’t beckoning us because He requires a time clock to be punched.  No, He waits for ‏us!   He enjoys our company.  The Bible even declares He jealously burns to be with us (see James 4:6). 

This was one of the greatest revelations I have ever received.  It turned my “quiet time” from mere duty of discipline to a life-filled, relational adventure.  Wait, God wants to be with me!?  He delights in my company, rather than just ordering me to delight in His?   Yes, and when we regularly heed that beckoning – whether you want to call that a prophecy, a word of wisdom, or simply the unction of the Holy Spirit – it is in that secret place we find the most personal insight for our lives.  

I’ve received some incredible person-to-person prophecies in my life, words that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up due to their impossible accuracy and timing.  Still, the greatest revelation of both the Father and His will for my life has come from those intimate times – those prophetic experiences behind closed doors.  

Listen closely to your inner man.  The King of Glory often knocks on the door of your soul.   Have you opened up to Him?  Or has that knocking become just another ambient noise in the background of a too-busy life?

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