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The Hope For The World

Christmas means hope for all.

The Hope For The World
The Hope For The World

How are you doing? Seriously. How are you really doing? What was this year like for you? Are you just wanting it to be over or were there some incredible things that took place in your life in 2020? I think we all need some hope for the world.

I’ll be honest. 2020 was a mixed bag for me. If I look at the news I may hesitate. It used to be where I read the news daily, but then came the ‘pandemic’ and the mandates. Every one of us tried to do our part and make sense of what was going on. But more and more I feel like we are living in a bad James Bond movie as sinister bad guys with crazy plans are trying to take over the world. Do you feel that way? How do you feel, really?

Cancel Christmas?

I am looking forward to Christmas. Celebrating the birth of the Savior, Jesus. But then there are some people who want to ‘cancel’ Christmas. Seriously? One of the most beloved holidays ever and people want it canceled like it can be deleted like words on a computer screen.

But no matter people’s political leanings, there is hope in Christmas. Jesus alone is the hope the world needs. Despite some powers that be wanting to cancel Christmas, the celebration has endured far worse things. It has survived plagues, wars, persecution of Christians. There are believers currently in prison for their faith who will still sing praises to God and have a spark of hope in their hearts for the birth of Christ.

Hope for the World

No matter what is going on in the world, hope and the true message of Christmas will live. Politicians come and go, nations rise and fall, headlines will fade away making way for other news. But the message of hope in Christ will always endure, no matter what nations, regimes or other world actors do to try to stifle and suppress it.

Jesus Christ is the message of hope the world needs right now. This season of life all of us are in will eventually come to pass. There are greater things on the horizon for the Church and for you. Take time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, of God coming in human flesh as a Man. Who loved everyone and died on the Cross to forgive our sins and make a way for us to have a relationship with Him. Celebrate and smile when you do. Bless your friends, family, and neighbors, and show them the love of Christ through you. Make memories with them and push the daily problems and bad news aside. That’s what the world needs right now.


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