Don't Miss The Last Onething New Year's Event On GOD TV | God TV

Don’t Miss The Last Onething New Year’s Event On GOD TV

IHOPKC Onething 2018 airs on GOD TV LIVE (December 28-31)

Don’t Miss The Last Onething New Year’s Event On GOD TV
Don’t Miss The Last Onething New Year’s Event On GOD TV

Mike and Diane Bickle and the International House of Prayer just dropped a major bombshell. 2018 will be the last Onething conference. At least for sometime.

The Onething conference is the annual conference put on by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) every December. The event held on the 28th December brings about 20,000 people from all over the world together for four days of worship, teaching, prayer, and ministry. On the last night of the conference – the 31st – jubilant worship extends till midnight ringing in the New Year as ten of thousands praise the name of Jesus.

Mike Bickle

The conference is geared towards young people, but with headliners such as Francis Chan, Todd White, Dr. Michael Brown, Bill Johnson, Reinhard Bonnke, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Bethel Worship, and Jason Upton the audience is multi-generational.

Click HERE to watch the Onething 2018 Trailer

Since its inaugural conference in 2002, Kansas City, Missouri has been taken over by Onething attendees. The news that this will be the last Onething conference indefinitely has been met with shock, disappointment, and concern. Was the reason financial? Is IHOPKC breaking apart? Is the House of Prayer’s leadership is discord?

Mike and Diane are addressing these questions and concerns with much intentionality and transparency. In a statement titled “Why This Is Our Last Onething Conference for Some Years” on the IHOPKC website, Mike shares his heart, inviting us into something new for IHOPKC and, hopefully, the Body of Christ global.

“This conviction and the new reality forming on our base have joyfully led me to propose some radical changes to further position us in grace as a family of lovesick worshipers of Jesus. To that end, resetting Onething was a good start, but it wasn’t enough…

“This re-simplifying of our purpose is vital if we hope to renew our ministry culture from the inside out, but an equal emphasis is that we must also see and discover one another in this context of divine affection. We must think like family, not just intercessors on a mission or stewards of a conference ministry.”


“For us, reset means that we are giving the IHOPKC family (and you!) ‘permission’ to throw ourselves into more wholehearted love than ever before.”

READ: “Why This Is Our Last Onething Conference for Some Years”

The longstanding leaders have also posted a video titled “Why This Is the Last Onething Conference” to give further clarity and assure us they’re as deeply committed to night-and-day prayer as ever.

“So what’s next? We’re still figuring that out, but I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. Equally important is what hasn’t changed: the Global Prayer Room and 24/7 prayer with worship will continue, and grow stronger as a result.”

The vision hasn’t changed but the how they father the vision – and father people – had to, says Mike.

IHOPKC Mission Statement

The IHOPKC community exists to partner in the Great Commission by advancing 24/7 prayer and proclaiming the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return.

GOD TV has been a longtime friend of IHOPKC and we’re excited to see what the Lord is going to do in this next season for our brothers and sisters. Please stand with us in agreement for the Father Heart of God over Mike and Diane, all the leaders, the faithful prayer warriors, and the Body of Christ at large. Lord, we cry out for this! Wholeheartedly.

As we have for many years past, GOD TV will be broadcasting the Onething conference LIVE December 28th – 31st. Join us for four days of powerful worship and anointed teaching in this not-to-be missed event.











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