The Interview From First COVID-19 Survivor Of Bihar, India, Reveals Faith In Jesus | God TV

The Interview From First COVID-19 Survivor Of Bihar, India, Reveals Faith In Jesus

God is the ultimate healer, even to COVID-19!

The Interview From First COVID-19 Survivor Of Bihar, India, Reveals Faith In Jesus
The Interview From First COVID-19 Survivor Of Bihar, India, Reveals Faith In Jesus

Amidst one of the most critical and religiously chaotic situations in India, one woman boldly proclaimed her beliefs on television. The interview turned out to be her divine appointment to testify what the Lord has done for her, where she leaves a clear message that doctors can give treatment, but Healing is of the Lord!

In a video on YouTube reposted by Elate Vision, the Hindi news channel shows an interview with Anita Vinod where she shares her 11-day struggle with COVID-19. They want her words to encourage the fear-stricken people across India and around the world. Anita explains how she got infected and the incidents that led to her getting treated at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna. Anita continues with her advice, which is indeed highly motivating. But the best part is that she made it clear who exactly is responsible for her healing.

The Interview

One viewer named Blesson Mathew commented on the interview. He wrote, “Hats off to Anita, sister, for being bold enough to proclaim her faith. Nothing supersedes your experience. The anchor had to accept her testimony towards the end. She very clearly mentioned about her pain in isolation and the assurance and comfort she found in Jesus. The Bible says, ‘Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has born? Though she may forget, I will not forget you.’ What a wonderful assurance from the Creator God! May the good Lord bless you dear sister and let this testimony deliver many from sin, pain, and misery.”

Translated: Part 1

Here is the entire conversation recorded and translated from Hindi:

Anchor: Anita, you gave so much information. Now, we want to hear from you about your time suffering from this disease, how did you give yourself confidence and care? People are scared even to hear about this disease.

Anita: I am a Christian believer, I had a Bible with me. Nobody else could be there with me. Nurses and doctors had to stand outside my room and speak to me. So I felt very sad. But the Bible that was in my hands was my greatest comfort. I found through reading it that Jesus Christ is with me. I realized that.

Anchor: But why did you mention the Bible? Before this, I asked the same question. Anita, you would have got energy from the Bible, you would have got the positivity, you would have got the strength to fight against the virus. But I want you to say in front of the audience, in front of the whole world, but say the same thing that you may have got your energy from reading the book. But the treatment – science alone can give, doctors alone can give.

The Interview Translated: Part 2

Anita: That might be right. But, it is Jesus Christ who heals. This is what I say on my behalf. Jesus Christ has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5), that verse gave me a lot of comfort. I can only speak my own experience, from when I felt lonely, and sometimes cried. There was a lot of isolation. Even when my family members spoke with me on Whatsapp, even then I felt lonely. And then the doctors, even they had to stand 4 or 5 meters away from outside my room and speak to me. That made me very sad. This is why I say, we will get treatment, but we are healed only by God. That – my Jesus Christ alone healed me.

Anchor: Thank you very much Anita for connecting with us.

One woman’s Faith inspires us to look up to Christ for Hope and Healing in these days of turmoil. God Bless India!!!

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