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The Jesus Revolution 2020

He is the same as He was back when He walked the earth.

The Jesus Revolution 2020
The Jesus Revolution 2020

Jesus always spoke in parables, didn’t preach from a pulpit, and shared His message on hillsides and boats. He did go into a synagogue once – the time He angrily flipped over their tables because they were making the church a place of business. I am 100% sure Jesus would rather be worshipping on the beaches of California than most churches. Do we really REALLY know Jesus? Who was He? He Himself was intentionally a revolutionary. He actively and passionately pursued the lost. It’s time for a Jesus Revolution for He was the true revolutionary! “For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” (Luke 19:10)

Jesus came to upset the norm and to knock over our tables. And He came to set our hearts on fire, with the fire of Heaven! It was never just about a Sunday School invitation, though for many of us it started there. It was all about a revolution, revolting against the powers of darkness. “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but lose his own soul?” (Matthew 16:26)

Jesus Freak to Jesus Revolution

As a Christian teenager in a public school, I was labeled a “Jesus Freak”! I have NEVER felt more on fire for God than I did during that time. I unashamedly carried my Bible to HIGH SCHOOL with me. And I wore big ONE WAY JESUS buttons. I stood in front of my jeering classmates time after time giving oral reports on the Jesus Revolution. Fearlessly, I went street witnessing with my church friends. I have always longed to find that part of me again, wondering if my own soul could be brought back to its original innocence and if that fire could ever burn again.

God Chooses His World Changers

From the time Jesus walked the earth, revolting against the status quo of religion till the 1970s when Andre’ Crouch proclaimed that “the blood will never lose its’ power”, until now in 2020 and Sean Feucht is the musical voice of a new Jesus movement. Let us remember in fear and trembling and humility that GOD chooses whom He chooses to change the world.

From 12 unruly men turning the world upside down to the hippies of the 70’s on the beaches of California – to the thousands of people forbidden to go to a church building in 2020 so they’ve taken it to the streets of America – it IS still a revolution.

I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”(Romans 9:16)

Jesus Revolution: All About Jesus

I am so excited about what I feel stirring inside. It is NOT about a man, or the music, or the lights, or the building. It IS all about JESUS. He loves mankind enough to meet us here in 2020 and beyond, exactly where we are and give us exactly what we need to find our way back to Him.

If you are going to revolt, be on the right side, revolting for the right cause. “Then some Pharisees and experts in Moses’ teachings came from Jerusalem to Jesus. “They asked,Why do your disciples break the traditions of our ancestors? They do not wash their hands before they eat.’ He answered them, ‘Why do YOU break the commandment of God because of your traditions?’” (Matthew 15:1-3)

THIS is Jesus; the One who attracts rough fishermen, hippies, and ALL who recognize their need for a Savior.

“Whosoever” is all of us!

He is the same as He was back when He walked the earth. Jesus is the same Jesus from the 1970’s Jesus Revolution. He is the same Jesus showing up today through one willing and available human who bravely is standing in the gap.

Moses replied, It is not the sound of victory, it is not the sound of defeat; it is the sound of SINGING that I hear.” (Exodus 32:18)

If I had a ONE WAY JESUS button still in my possession, I would wear it to the beach. And in the streets. Everywhere. Let’s all do this thing together. Let’s change the world.


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