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The Justice Reform: Answering The Cry For Justice

Bringing reformation from city to city!

The Justice Reform: Answering The Cry For Justice
The Justice Reform: Answering The Cry For Justice

There are an estimated 313,000 new victims of sex trafficking in the US annually, and under 550 beds in the US to house survivors when they are rescued.

If our God is a God of righteousness and justice, his people should be a people of righteousness and justice. We are calling all churches, organizations, businesses, minds and hearts together to answer the cry. As the body of Christ, we can do so much more together!

The Justice Reform

The Justice Reform is an anti-human trafficking non-profit organization. Our vision is “Answering the cry for justice by bringing reformation from city to city.” We exist to bring freedom, hope and healing to victims of injustice, and to fight to bring an end to modern day slavery in our nation and the world at large.

The Justice Reform will launch The Justice Run, a 5k and marathon that will be held in cities across America where all the proceeds will go back into that city to open Justice Residences—long term restoration homes for survivors of human trafficking.

The first Justice Run will take place in November 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas. The Justice Run will expand out of Fort Worth into other cities in Texas, and then into major cities across the nation. Each city’s marathon will help raise the finances to open and run the Justice Residences to be built and opened in their community, and to equip cities across the globe to bring reform. This is how we bring reformation from city to city.

The Justice Residences will be long term restoration housing for up to 100 survivors. In this facility, human trafficking survivors will receive 1-3 years of proper care that is biblically based and Holy Spirit lead for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. Survivors will also be prepared and equipped to be sent out for success in the realm they feel called to. The first Justice Residences are currently in the design stage to be built in Fort Worth, TX.

Restoration for Survivors.

We have trained, equipped, and brought community into the lives of survivors.

Through the relationship we have made with restoration homes in our city, we have had the opportunity to build community with survivors, learn their stories and teach them how to connect with the voice of God.

Spiritually: We have hosted creative, inner healing groups for survivors where they have the opportunity to receive healing in a safe space, with trained advocates and leaders.

Practically: We have trained survivors with life skills and provided opportunities for generating income.

Meet the Founder

Heather Schott is the Lead Pastor of Mercy Culture Church in Fort Worth, TX with her husband, Landon Schott. They’ve been married for 15 years and have three children, Payton, Preston and Porter.

She gave her life to the Lord at 18 years old when she was radically delivered from drug and alcohol addiction. Her passion for people and their freedom streams from these broken years of her life that God restored. She is the founder of The Justice Reform, an organization that stands for and brings heavenly justice in an unjust world. The Justice Reform puts on The Justice Run, a 5k and marathon, to raise funds for the Justice Residences, which are long term restoration homes for survivors out of human trafficking.

She lives for bringing reformation, being a voice for the voiceless and leading others to do the same. You can learn more at and

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