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The Lord’s Day Is Not Sunday

What is John referring to in Revelations 1:10 if not Sunday?

The Lord’s Day Is Not Sunday
The Lord’s Day Is Not Sunday

In Revelations 1:10, John wrote “It was the Lord’s Day, and I was worshiping in the Spirit. Suddenly, I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet blast.” Many thought that John was referring to Sunday when he wrote about the Lord’s Day. However, he is not referring to Sunday when he used that phrase.

Ron Cantor

In an episode of Out Of Zion, Ron Cantor reveals to us the true “Lord’s Day,” according to the history of the Roman Empire. What is John referring to in Revelations 1:10 if not Sunday?

Caesar worship is the religion that covered the entire Roman empire. It is a religion where Caesar was considered as their lord and god.

“Those who didn’t worship him [Caesar] were considered atheist and that could bring a death sentence… He was referred to in public documents as our lord and god… Atheist was a code word for Christian,” Ron explained.

Lord's Day

Lord’s Day

In that religion, there is one particular day every year in the Roman calendar that is referred to as the Lord’s day. And that was the day that John referred to in Revelations 1:10.

“Jones claims ‘Once a year, everyone in the empire had to appear before the magistrates in order to burn a pinch of incense to the godhead Caesar and to say “Caesar is lord.” To refuse to say Caesar is lord was treason.’ This yearly event was known as Lord’s Day. This was the day that John was most likely referring to, not Sunday,” he continued.

So when Paul wrote Romans 10:9, he is actually challenging our commitment to our faith in God.

“What Paul is doing here is indirectly confronting the issue of commitment because to confess that you are serving Yeshua was equivalent to confessing that Caesar is in fact not your Lord and that could get you a lunch meeting with a very hungry lion in a Roman colosseum.”

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