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The Message Behind The Song ‘Blessings’ By Laura Story.

"What If God's Blessings Come Through Raindrops..."

The Message Behind The Song ‘Blessings’ By Laura Story.
The Message Behind The Song ‘Blessings’ By Laura Story.

“There is a blessedness that comes through waiting on the Lord. There’s an intimacy that comes in our walk with the Lord through walking through that valley. There’s a reliance on His word that we only know when everything else fades away…” – Laura Story

The Message Behind the Song

This song will capture your hearts as Laura sings about her faith, and the time when her husband was diagnosed with a serious illness (brain tumor). His diagnosis put her through unexpected episodes of fear and loneliness that helped her view God’s blessings from a new perspective.

Story explains how the inspiration behind writing the song.  She shares that she went through a period of questioning God.  She wanted to know why she spent years praying for her husband’s healing but it never came.

She shares feeling stuck in a place where she needed to make a choice.  She had to choose whether to judge God based on their circumstances, or choose to judge their circumstances based on what they hold to be true of God? She learned to wake up every morning and trust God with their lives.

And that’s what ‘Blessings’ is about. It’s considering… maybe the blessing is actually found in the absence of the thing that she’s praying for.

Laura Story

Laura is also the writer of the number one worship hit ‘Indescribable’, recorded in 2004 by Chris Tomlin. She is married to athlete Martin Elvington.

The meaning behind this song is so precious and heartfelt. Sometimes life does not turn out the way we want to, but we can’t stop trusting God. He has something bigger and better in store for us. He is the only One who can see the big picture.  Keep on trusting God especially when you go through trials because that is often when you experience God’s greatest blessings.

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This Article Was Written by Joyca Togonon

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Laura Story – “Blessings” Story Behind The Song

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