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The Ministry Of The Watchman: It’s Time For The Intercessors To Arise

Intercessory prayer is vital for believers.

The Ministry Of The Watchman: It’s Time For The Intercessors To Arise
The Ministry Of The Watchman: It’s Time For The Intercessors To Arise

“The world became our parish and we were led to be responsible to intercede for countries and nations.”(Rees Howells)

What is an intercessor? Intercessors are those who have been called to bring Heaven’s agenda into the Earth through partnering with God in prayer. Intercessors are also called to be watchmen on the walls of our cities, churches, and regions. A watchman in the old testament was one that would watch on the walls of cities concerning coming danger.

Ezekiel was considered a Watchman prophet. If you are called to the office of an intercessor you are also called to be a watchman. Every intercessor is called as Ezekiel to watch and war against the kingdom of darkness advancing in our cities (see Ezekiel 33). Prophets are all called as intercessors. But not every intercessor is called as a prophet.

Many get so consumed with prophesying at church when their real ministry is actually that of intercession and to be watchmen on the wall. This is what is supposed to happen when prophets leave the church building.

Ministry of intercessors

Your public prophetic ministry does not end with your last prophetic word. But begins in the secret place through intercession. I believe that the greatest aspect of the ministry of a prophet is actually that of an intercessor and watchman.  As an intercessor, you are called to be the bridge between death and destiny.

We are called to stand in the gap – through prayer to help people experience the beauty of the Promised Land. The ministry of the intercessor, in my opinion, is the most important ministry that one can be called to in the Kingdom. As a result, intercessors have gained a place closest to the heart of God. Those that have picked up the mantle of intercession are looked at in Heaven as friends of God.

Just look at the life of Abraham.  He was such a friend of God, that before God brought judgment to the city of Sodom, He first had to tell Abraham (see Genesis 18). Abraham contended with God and brought the number that needed to be present for the city to be spared from 45 down to 20. Then God made a statement, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?”

This is how we are to be as intercessors, we contend with God out of friendship. When you become a friend of God like Abraham was, God will begin to tell you His deep secrets in intercession.

Our problem in the church is that we lack a true value of intercession, and it’s ability to move the hand of God and bring revival.  This is why hell is overtaking our cities. It’s due to the church’s lukewarmness, and prayer-less-ness.

Where are the Rees Howells of our generation? What will, through intercession, stop the powers of hell invading our cities?  Rees Howells was a powerful prophet that led a generation into an advanced level of intercession. That brought an end to World War II by causing demonic powers to bow to the name of Jesus Christ.

Hitler was crushing nation after nation by his seemingly unstoppable war machine and by demonic powers. Scores of people were dying, and the fate of the world was hanging in the balance.  Just as it is in our nation, the world currently hangs in the balance. Our only hope is for an Army of Intercessors to arise carrying the glory of God.

Suddenly Hitler’s focus turned on Britain in 1940. Very little stood in his way, except a man gripped by a spirit of prayer. Rees and the young people at the Bible College of Wales began to contend for Heaven’s victory concerning Hitler’s advancing armies. As Rees and the students won the battle in the spirit realm, the real battle on the ground was soon won.

The battle that we are enduring in this generation, is not a battle that can be won in the natural through just politics. But this battle that we are in the midst of must be won in the Spirit by a company of intercessors carrying the fire of God.  We need a prophetic people that will say in this generation, “God, do what You did with Rees Howell upon an entire generation.”

We should cry out for the mantle of intercession that was on this man’s life. This blog post is a clarion call to a generation to receive the Spirit of Intercession that will bring in the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. It’s time for us to be gripped by the spirit of Rees Howells for our nation, as we declare Satan’s defeat in the spirit.  

Nations have been saved and formed by the prayers of God’s intercessors. Intercession is powerful and world-transforming. Every major revival was birthed out of the place of someone being called by the Lord to stand in the gap for their city or nation.


The Early Church revival was birthed in the Upper Room out of intercession. I do not believe that the Apostles were just up there waiting on the promise of the Father. But I believe that if we were transported backward in time, to the Upper Room, we would see a prayer meeting, and all those attending in union with the Father’s heart concerning what was about to happen. Their intercession caused revival fire to descend upon Israel and the world. Through intercession, we will see revival fire released like during Azusa.

The Welsh revival in the early 1900s was also birthed out of deep travail at a small prayer meeting. God used the intercession of a young man to bring about the revival that touched an entire nation. Intercession is the only way we can bring revival to nations.  

Evan Roberts tapped into the heart of the Father and partnered with that desire to bring it into manifestation in the earthly realm. God wanted to bring revival to Wales but needed a vessel that would hear in the Spirit what needed to be released into the Earth. “Evan gave himself to continual prophetic prayer. His early meetings were characterized by much  prayer and supernatural manifestations.”

Those meetings are described in the following: “strong moves of intercession flooded the room during each service and many times the services would go past midnight. Once, Evan prayed all night with a congregation and didn’t return home until the next morning. This small group of prophetic intercessors led by the young prophet transformed a nation.  

Some meetings lasted until 4 am with crowds gathered outside for 6a m prayer.” The Azusa Street revival was also birthed out of prophetic prayer. All of these revivals have one thing in common: Intercession followed.

The Azusa Revival was led by people like William Seymour, Frank Bartleman, and others who birthed Azusa through prophetic intercession and fasting. Many people believe that the greatest call one can receive is that of a five fold ministry gift, but I believe the greatest call is that of a prophetic intercessor. These are the individuals that have shaped history behind the scenes by contending with God in prayer.


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