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The Mountain to Keep Climbing

For those suffering for anxiety today

The Mountain to Keep Climbing
The Mountain to Keep Climbing


There are times when we feel like we’re climbing an endless mountain. One of the hardest climbs imaginable… Wearing only the shirt on your back and crocs. You heard me! The rubber shoes with no gripping and holes all in them. The snow is starting to pick up around you, you are FREEZING and your bare feet feel as if they can snap off at any moment.

This is what happens to your mind when you’re having a panic attack. Everything becomes urgent and your body starts to gear up for fight or flight mode. The worst part of it all… You feel as if you can’t control it.

I know what it feels like to not know what tomorrow will look like. Whether its financial trouble, relationship issues, work problems or general everyday stresses that are wearing you down… These are all mountains in your life. Stop for a second and just breath… Breath and find the good in your scenario. Every mountain can be conquered. Just always remember the best parts of the here and now:

1. You are breathing.
2. You’re in control of you’re future.
3. The feeling that you are having won’t last forever.

Keep Climbing

Life is tough. It’s a basic fact! You will struggle at times and you will have times that make you just want to give up and weep… But what you do in these times of hurt are what define you.

If you press forward and look for ways to move in a positive direction, you’re a champion! If you simply cannot seem to change your mindset and feel like you’re done- This message is for you… You are STRONG and you will make it through your pain.

As I stated earlier, You have an opportunity to make a change and fight your way through it and the good news is that you’re STRONG and will make it through this.

You just have to remind yourself that your finances won’t always be in the negative, you won’t always have a never-ending to-do list hanging over your head and you aren’t alone.

You’re not alone

Over 18% of the United States population struggle with anxiety… That’s over 40,000,000 people that have spoken up and are struggling with anxiety.

That’s 40 million people that are struggling in the United States alone! You are not alone and don’t have to walk through this alone. Someone out there wants to listen and walk through this with you. Whether it is a colleague, friend, family member or therapist- TELL SOMEONE!

Let’s be genuine and fight for ways to help people seek treatment and fight the stigma against mental health.

People need to feel appreciated and loved at all times and what better way to feel loved and appreciated than to know that you aren’t alone… that you have a support system and people with you that love and appreciate you. Use your voice and answer the call. YOU are needed. Your voice is needed and YOU can help save lives.

The Peak

When it gets harder and the wind picks up… The snow blinds your eyesight and all you can do is pray… realize that you’ve¬†already reached the peak of the mountain.

Now its time to celebrate your victory.

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