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The Mystery Of Jesus, Both God And Man

Jesus, although God, restricted Himself to live as man connected to God

The Mystery Of Jesus, Both God And Man
The Mystery Of Jesus, Both God And Man

Jesus is God and man. While on earth He operated as a man and as God. He is the Son of God. Yet He took on the characteristics of man created in God’s image.

He went through the whole process of creation from conception to birth except that He was conceived in the womb of a virgin. He grew up as a child and went through all the developmental phases. He experienced all the trials and temptations faced by man. His divine nature was active from the beginning and He was imbued with power after His baptism by John the Baptist. Jesus had to spend many hours in prayer to commune with His Father in heaven and draw strength to face His daily battles. He was fully God and fully man. He overcame through His divine nature. He experienced the sinful nature of man but did not sin. He suffered and died a physical death but rose again. In His resurrected body He could move around without the physical limitations of His earthly body. He performed miracles in His physical body through His divine nature.

We also who are born again of the Spirit have a divine nature because His Spirit now lives in us. We too can operate the same way Jesus did, now that we have His new nature within us. We are a new creation in Christ Jesus. We also have a dual nature or personality. We also can operate as Jesus did in our divine nature. We too can perform miracles as Jesus did through His Spirit. What a divine transaction! Now all we need to do is surrender to His will and allow Him to grow in us. We too need to develop our spiritual nature till we attain to the fullness of manhood as Christ did. Only through the fullness of His Spirit is this possible.

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