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The One Who Asked For More

Give me a blessing; please and thank you!

The One Who Asked For More
The One Who Asked For More

Achsah. A friend of mine had a baby years ago she named Achsah. I remember telling my husband we should have another little girl and name her Achsah. He said – “Yes, and her middle name could be Dent. Achsah-dent!” Then he laughed and laughed at his own humor. I just shook my head, and we had 5 more kids but ALL boys. So, no Achsah.

Further down the road of life I myself was prayed over that I would be an Achsah. Oh, and THERE was that beautiful name again. All I was told was that Achsah, daughter of Caleb was given land by her father, and she asked for more. She requested a group of springs of water called ‘upper basins’ or the ‘nether basins’; they were springs of water that would never run dry!  I remember thinking I need to research her history and what that means for MY life. Who knew that it would take many seasons of life before that word would come up again in my heart, and feel like it was a NOW word. Lesson learned again, that God is NOT on our time table and His word NEVER returns void or is wasted.

So having said all that, let me tell you about Achsah and how she had something we can ALL attain. It was not a word just for me; it is just my word to share with YOU.

Bursting through!

First of all the name Achsah is Biblical, and means: “Adorned, bursting the veil.” Whoa. I felt that hit my heart as I read it – burst the veil. In the Old Testament the veil was over the entrance to the MOST holy place – Jesus Himself was the only One by which the veil was rent (torn) in two when He died. So, the name Achsah means bursting the veil. It means that we too can come into God’s holy presence because Jesus opened that entrance way for US!

If I am called to be an Achsah, so are YOU.

We ALL have the same invitation to desire God’s presence and then to be IN it. Do you get that? We can BURST through the veil. That sounds bold to me. Visualize bursting through something. This sounds like my 5 year old granddaughter when she comes busting down my front door to show me a new toy or tell me she loves me or ask me to take her for a walk. There is NO hesitancy – she doesn’t stand at my door and question if I care if she comes in – she doesn’t worry she is bothering me – she doesn’t have any fear about asking me for anything. She bursts through the door to get to ME.

I want more; please and thank you!

You could call Achsah’s request a greedy request – she was asking for more, and asking for the best. Well? Isn’t that what God actually deems for His children, to be able to come boldly and ask? Ask for what? His best. This discontent or even seemingly greediness was not from an impure heart of selfishness. This was the upper springs of water that she desired, which represents the living waters that never will run dry. She wanted more of GOD Himself. Just like my granddaughter wants all of me and then some! She comes boldly because she knows she can, and she rests in my love for her. Bingo! THAT is what we can all attain in our own relationships with Jesus. We can ask for more of Him, and receive it. THEN, share it with others.

“If you, then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much MORE will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:11)

Give me a blessing!

What IF we all could learn to really see God that way? What IF we could all be like Achsah? Joshua 15:19 tells us exactly what Achsah asked for – “Who answered, Give me a blessing; for you have given me a south land; give me ALSO springs of water. And he gave her the upper springs, and the nether springs.” Wow. I so want to finally be the child of God who comes to Him in complete trust and love and reckless abandon, and asks for MORE! I don’t want to continue to stand on the outside only peeking into His presence. I want to BURST through the veil straight into His ams! It has taken a lifetime to get here, but I am here. Anyone else want to burst through with me?
#ItsForAllOfUs #GiveMeABlessingPleaseAndThankyou

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