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The Perfect Valentine

A love poem about Jesus

The Perfect Valentine
The Perfect Valentine

The most High Royal Prince
Walked the streets of Jerusalem in bloody robes

The lips that spoke the world into being
Kept silent while his hand made men spat at him

The voice that spoke in boldness about HIS kingdom
Refused to utter a word when asked to prove himself

The feet that were swift to walk the land to heal people
Were let to be pierced and bruised

The man who showed the destiny for that destitute woman
Stood forsaken by everyone

The man who held his head high up bearing sonship
Let his face down in the courtroom

This fine carpenter
Walked the road with unfinished work of the cross

The man who proclaimed himself to be the king
Walked the road accused, helpless and bruised

This man, my valentine…

Captivates my heart because I was on HIS mind while
He walked the streets of Jerusalem.
His love for me burning inside his heart
Made him renounce his royalty

He endured humility
So that I may be called the princess

He endured bruises
So that I may inherit beauty

He endured insults
So that I may receive crown of honour

He endured loneliness
So that I may receive divine companionship

He shed blood
So that I may be cleansed by it

He endured cross
So that I may live life in freedom – with the truth that brings freedom

He is my world’s hero
Heroic in love and character.

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