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The Performance Trap And How To Set Yourself Free

Re-brand yourself as a lover of God.

Finding value in your performance is a slippery slope and the performance trap is something that many fall into.

From a child we learn that pleasing others makes for an easier life – we learn to perform to meet the perceived expectations of others rather than be our true created self. Most of our education and work life is built around “performing” the certain tasks and achieving the certain goals. This mind-set and culture is pervasive in the life of most churches (even if it’s unconsciously). Much of the worship and ministry that occurs is performance based for both the leader and the “audience”. We have been hoodwinked into this way of thinking and behaving.

One problem with this is that it leads to the erroneous conclusion that God needs us to perform for Him.  And this is just NOT true! Sadly, it breaks His heart when he sees us doing that. His love is unconditional and He looks for those who will worship (and lead) in ‘the realm of the Spirit’. And He wants us to worship and lead in authentic reality (see John 4:23).

Performance Trap: Does it apply to you?

Here is a question: Which of the following is your reality?

Self-worth = my performance + people’s opinion of me.


Self-worth = His acceptance + His opinion of me.

Ask Holy Spirit in which way you “perform” in either your private or public life and ministry (whether that’s consciously or not). It is imperative to ask yourself  these kinds of questions and resist the temptation to apply them to others! However, in regard to performance there is an obvious application to the Church.

So, without being judgmental I ask the following questions: Why do we put people on platforms and ask them to “perform” for us? Why do we create so many titles and labels in a church? What is the reason behind such emphasis on attendance and keeping the rules? Why is church more like an organisation than a family? Ask Holy Spirit to show you God’s heart on these things. It is time to re-brand yourself as a lover of God, not a lover of praise or opinion! God has so much more for your freedom in Him!


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