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The Place For Miracles With Richard And Lindsay Roberts

The Place For Miracles is coming to GOD TV July 31st!

The Place For Miracles With Richard And Lindsay Roberts
The Place For Miracles With Richard And Lindsay Roberts

The Place For Miracles makes its way to GOD TV later this month!

The show will air its first episode on Wednesday, July 31st, and you can catch it every following Wednesday at 10AM EST.

The Place for Miracles is a half-hour show, hosted by Richard and Lindsay Roberts of Oral Roberts Ministries. (Richard’s is the son of the late healing evangelist who is known worldwide).

This series places it’s focus on the power of prayer and Biblical teaching by Richard and Lindsay, plus occasional videos featuring classic sermons from Oral Roberts, praise and worship music, “Living Proof” miracle testimonies, video presentations, and frequent, special guest appearances.

The show will be available ON DEMAND on GOD.TV or on any of our GOD TV apps.

The Place For Miracles


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If you want a miracle, then start believing for it. • • Believe the promise. Jesus took the stripes on His back on Calvary for your healing. You have a covenant right to it. So, believe it. • • Rebuke the devil’s power and pray earnestly believing for a miracle. You have the authority in the name of Jesus to speak to the devil and command him to take his hands off God’s property…you! • • Start expecting the miracle to come. Call it in by faith. Visualize it in your spirit. See it. Look for it. And don’t doubt. • • Begin to confess “I am the healed of the Lord.” Say it out loud. “I am the healed of the Lord!” Say it and just keep on saying it. And remember it’s God’s will for you to be well in every area of your life.

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Oral Roberts

In 1947, Oral Roberts, established the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, in Tulsa, Oklahoma where it is still headquartered today. It also houses the Abundant Life Prayer Group, a prayer line which has received 27.5 million calls since its beginning in 1958.

Dr. Richard Roberts became the CEO and President of the Ministry in 1993. Richard, and his wife, Lindsay, have ministered the saving and healing Gospel through television for decades. Today, they host the daily, half-hour TV program, The Place for Miracles.

Their heart is to proclaim that “God is a good God” and minister healing for the whole man… spirit, soul, and body.

So mark your calendars! You certainly do not want to miss out on this upcoming new series here on GOD TV!

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