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The Power of Bringing Love to Fight Hatred in a Dark World

The Power of Bringing Love to Fight Hatred in a Dark World
The Power of Bringing Love to Fight Hatred in a Dark World

Why is bringing love to fight hatred important?

You cannot drive out hate with hate. These were the profound words that utterly pierced my heart as I watched the GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS movie.  The first thought that came to mind were the words of one of the most revered women in history, Mother Teresa.

She stated during an interview: “We have been created to love and to be loved.” Sounds a bit crazy right? Yes, I believe it does. But the truth of scripture says that we are commanded by God not only to love our enemies but to bless and pray for them as well.

What are your thoughts? I know after spending hours washing my heart in the wonderful words of Jesus, while also looking parallel — perusing my eyes at the often hate-populated social media news feed. Darkness is never far off. There seems to be a lack of light everywhere.

We must admit that the unrelenting reality of the broken, divided society we’re currently encapsulated in makes keeping love at the center very difficult. However, I’ll never forget the words of Martin Luther King Jr. from one of his greatest speeches of all time.

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Darkness cannot drive out darkness:only light can do that.Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What shall we do in a world full of hatred? Ask God and trust that keeping love at the center holds enough power to heal those who hate you, and love can bring light into this darkened world, and love can cast out all your fear and past failures.

Why was Jesus the greatest example of love in a hateful world?

Jesus lived the life we couldn’t live, and He died the death that we deserved to die. We must love one another as God loved us. Jesus was a gift to us by God because, as the scripture says, “God is love.”

Today what do you appreciate more, the gift or the love behind the gift?

Don’t miss out on seeing GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS and be inspired that God’s love is a light in the darkness for all people.

Dashawn Copeland is a minister who writes and a writer who preaches.  He is also the co-founder of Without Walls Ministries,, with his wife Denisse Copeland.

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