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The Power Of Prevailing Patience

Keep telling yourself: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

The Power Of Prevailing Patience
The Power Of Prevailing Patience

PERSEVERANCE: the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult.

Ever had an idea that you felt right about?  The idea could possibly be the next step to your security in life or a dream come true.  The more you thought about it the more you really wanted to act on it and see where it would take you.

This could require a few risks to get things underway and perhaps you have said to yourself, “No pain, no gain.”  Often ideas to further one’s self will require a financial decision and investment.  Is that something you can do?  How will that investment affect your future and your family’s future?

I read a story about a lady who lived on a farm in Ohio with her husband and eight children. Ohio offers some very rich soil for agriculture and it makes for bountiful crops.

One evening Alice was looking through a seed catalog and saw a notice that indicated if anyone could produce a pure white Marigold they could win $10,000.  Well, Alice was a flower gardener and she really enjoyed her Marigolds.

She ordered some Marigold seeds.  The lightest yellow they had. When it was time she planted the seeds. Soon the flowers sprang up and they had beautiful yellow blossoms.

Alice would plant Marigolds year after year, crossbreeding the plants, trying to get a white Marigold.  This process went on and on for years.  Children grew up, got married, moved off and then, one day, her husband died.

After a period of mourning she decided it was necessary to get back on schedule to get to her goal of producing a pure white Marigold.  By this time grandchildren were coming around and it was a joy for Alice to show her grandkids the beauty of flower production.

About 20 years passed when one morning she looked out of her kitchen window and what did she see in her flower garden? A perfect white Marigold.  Not an off white, not a pale white but, a pure white marigold.

She allowed the flowers to grow for the season and when they died out she collected about 100 seeds, packed them in an envelope and sent them to the seed company that had been running the $10,000 contest.

A few days later she received a phone call from the president of the company. He congratulated her on her work and told her that she is the winner!

WOW! 20 years and a lot of life changes later she had done it.  She would now receive the $10,000 prize money and the joy of knowing that through her perseverance she had won the contest.

How often have you had a dream and it seemed to never come together.  You have tried and tried to no avail, it seems. One of the worst things we can do to our dream is give up on it.

Please know that not everyone is going to care for your dream.  Some will try to discourage you and say everything negative but, take ownership of your dream and know that if God has inspired it, it will come to pass.

A personal note:  My writing a weekly column for a newspaper and now for  is one of my dreams come true.  It didn’t happen overnight but, I have lived through experiences that have helped make writing this column easier.

Whatever your dream, dream big so you can do something significant.  Keep telling yourself: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

I live by this verse from the Bible: “For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

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