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Preparing To Build

Count The Cost

Preparing To Build
Preparing To Build

I believe God is preparing a people counting the cost of building. After you’ve counted the cost, you must also consider the ground where you intend to do your building. You’re not always guaranteed that the place where you intend to build will be a place where the ground is ready for you. This requires a survey of the land. You have to look it over for size, scope, stability, and more. Depending on where and what you’re building, it may require a deep dive into things that are not readily visible to the natural eye.  

Building A Solid Foundation

You may find yourself having to speak to experts on the land, both from the government and from those who are developers. They can tell you things about the place you wish to build on that you might not have even thought of. Depending on what you are building, it may require that you excavate the land. Excavation prepares the ground by digging, dredging, or removing to create a safe place for building. Things often hide in the soil. If you don’t properly prepare the ground where you wish to build, then anything you attempt to build is susceptible to a weak foundation. Ask yourself, with what you are building, have you fully prepared the ground so that when you set to build it, it can stand?  

Jesus conveys the message of the difference between a strong Christian and a weak Christian by using the example of a house being built (Matthew 7:24-27). In this parable, he notes that the one who hears the Word and acts upon it is like a house that is built upon a stable foundation. That foundation provides the structure with the ability to withstand winds and waves and remain standing. However, a person that does not hear or act upon the Word is like a house that was built upon sand. This is a shifting ground that will not support the house when the winds and waves come. 

God Has Called You To Build

Whatever it is that God has called you to build, now is the time to hear God. Prepare your ground in such a way that you are well prepared to weather any storm. What resources do you need to be in place? What is your strategy for steady progress and growth? Have you considered any obstacle that might impede you? 

When Nehemiah desired to build the walls of Jerusalem, he faced much opposition from his own people. Yet, he did not allow their fear and their cries to deter him. He set up people on the building project to prepare for whatever may come. This came in the form of having men with a building tool in one hand, and an instrument for fighting in the other (see Nehemiah Chapter 4).  

Sometimes, everyone won’t celebrate the very thing that God says is His plan for you to build. Yet, you must be willing to build, believing that God will see you through the process.  Be ready to fight for it, if necessary. There may come a time when some will assault you with lies or false rumors. Don’t let naysayers turn you away from what God said you should do. Have your heart tuned to God’s frequency to hear only Him. Let naysayers beware and watch your progress. In the end, only God’s will should be what you are concerned with. He will get the glory when you follow His leading. Stay on target and complete what He said. Now is the time for building. So, prepare and build. 

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