The Pro-Life Movement Taking 'Unplanned' to 1200 College Campuses | God TV

The Pro-Life Movement Taking ‘Unplanned’ to 1200 College Campuses

GOD TV is taking a stand for LIFE! Will you join us?

The Pro-Life Movement Taking ‘Unplanned’ to 1200 College Campuses
The Pro-Life Movement Taking ‘Unplanned’ to 1200 College Campuses

GOD TV is proud to announce their stand for LIFE!

Life Matters is a pro-life movement whose sole purpose is to shed light on the truth that ALL life matters.

“Everywhere we turn in today’s world it seems as though culture is moving further and further away from what God intended. And now more than ever we are seeing this trend negatively impact innocent lives of the unborn all throughout the world. Abortion is now more than just a medical option. It has sadly become a popular choice. But GOD TV has been called to take a stand for life. That is why we have launched the Life Matters campaign – to spread the very message that Life Matters.”

Jamie Lyn Wallnau shares this message in the upcoming Life Matters campaign that is launching this Wednesday, October 9th.

“As believers, you and I treasure the destiny of every single person on this earth, including the unborn. Every person is unique from conception and so very dear to the Father’s heart. We lose something so valuable if they don’t come into this world. Now we are going to hear from a woman who has come to know firsthand how valuable life truly is, as she shares her own personal and powerful story.”

Life Matters

God is once again calling on us to support this movement and take the message directly to the front-lines: 1,200 college campuses.

GOD TV will promote, cover and air the rollout of the highly successful pro-life movie Unplanned across college campuses in the USA. Additionally, we will support and promote the Unplanned team in the rollout of the movie around the world.

Take a look at this SNEAK PEEK of Life Matters Movement!

If you believe that Life Matters, join us by sowing a seed into the Life Matters campaign with GOD TV in our FIRST project to show the movie Unplanned on 1,200 college and university campuses across the US.

Your gift today can change two lives – the life of a mom and her unborn child!

*** Sow into the Life Matters campaign here ***

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Thank you for standing with us!  Your support matters, your voice matters, Life Matters. 


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