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The Qualities Of A Resilient Mother

Can a mother forget her nursing child? - Isaiah 49:15

The Qualities Of A Resilient Mother
The Qualities Of A Resilient Mother

Being a single parent has its challenges and triumphs. It is never the same each day and each time. I have learnt the meaning of resilience. I am sure that there are lots of parents expressing the same views and going through the same challenges.

Do you ever ask yourself, what are the choices, give up or give in? There are times when best laid plans do not work and you have to step back and start again. Resilience means never giving up, no matter what you are faced with and developing that mindset and attitude. The challenges and struggles become your teacher and you are the student and you are empowered to develop strategies and life skills to hold on to and enjoy being a single mother despite what you are faced with.

Learning resilience

Being a single mother was not a choice, seasons in our lives change and the consequences can sometimes be unfavourable but life goes on.  I have learnt the following gems during my experiences. It is important to:

  1. Put Jesus first in everything you do and become a Kingdom builder.
  2. Have good communication between you, your children and your family.
  3. Get involved in serving at Church and the community. Jesus helps those who help others.
  4. Do things together as a family, eating together, going for walks and going on holiday.
  5. Pace yourself.
  6. Find a hobby that you can do.
  7. Have a good relationship with the school, nursery or teacher.
  8. Try not to complain, but to confess the Word of God over you, your families’ lives, your business and your dreams and visions.
  9. Teach your children how to respect themselves, love themselves, have good values, morals and attitudes.
  10. Encourage your children to have extra-curricular activities at school or in  the local communities.
  11. Pray together and thank God for His goodness in your lives because it helps to change your perspective on things, to be able to see abundance rather than lack.
  12. Avoid distractions.
  13. Pursue your dreams, doing a little at a time for you will succeed. There is power in small beginnings.
  14. If you can work, work because it breaks up the monotony of staying in the home and you can get to talk to other adults and continue making impact in society.
  15. Avoid strife, gossiping and confusion. Seek after the things that bring you peace, Jesus.
  16. Love yourself and remember you are never alone.
  17. Ask for help do not suffer in silence.
  18. Learn the Kingdom principles of the Word of God, for it has the solution to every problem that you face.
  19. Invest time into your family for it will yield good returns of favour and blessings.
  20. Praise and worship Jesus always in the good and bad times and you will reap rewards.


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