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The Secret Place Where We Find God

The Secret Place Where We Find God
The Secret Place Where We Find God


Locked Down. I found myself locked down in an unpleasant situation. I know many, or in fact all of us are currently in our houses abiding to the instructions set by the authorities to preserve us from this novel disease called Coronavirus, a.k.a. Covid-19.

We are all locked down in different places. But what about being locked down in a place where you could not have imagined being locked down?

I found myself locked down in a place I never expected to be locked down. Though, I was locked down in a strange but familiar place. I found myself in a place I knew from my birth, in which I no longer felt much attached to. I found myself at home.

God Is In The Secret Place

During the season of Covid-19, many of us will find ourselves at home. Many would even find themselves at home for the first time after a long while. Many will sit alone in a room they have been fleeing from for many years., not knowing this is the time to face one’s secret place.

The secret place is where we encounter who we really are. We may not comprehend the reason for the season. However, I believe it is in this season that God wants us to draw even closer to him. He wants to reveal the things in the secret. He wants to reveal his plans for us.

The secret place may not be strange to us all, but it is what we do here that tells how we may be. For many, the it has become a place of purification. While for some, it is a place to crave all sorts of series. And others are still on the search for the true meaning and what this looks like for them.

Coming Out Stronger

See, the secret place is where we discover ourselves when we submit to the one who dwells within us. This is where we think we are alone, not knowing there is another power dwelling with us. It is the Spirit of God. The power of distraction dwells therein as well. It is the amount of attention we give to these powers that draws them closer.

During this season, we can only discover who we are when the power of God is present in our secret place. The power of distraction can easily fill our secret place. There are many devices to attract the power of distraction. However, there is just one thing that attracts the power of God – His Word.

During the Covid-19 season, we begin to discover who we are through the Word of God. Through prayer and meditation, we start understanding the will of God in our lives. And by the end of the season we become greater vessels.

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