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The Spoken Word About ‘Waiting’ That Hit Over 3 Million Views

Waiting is tough in our fast-paced world, but so worth it!

The Spoken Word About ‘Waiting’ That Hit Over 3 Million Views
The Spoken Word About ‘Waiting’ That Hit Over 3 Million Views

Nowadays, waiting has become a great dilemma for most people.  It has been treated as a disease that people hate to face, that’s why whenever it is offered to them, they chose to settle for it.  Because we want to make things faster and easier, the practical things we used to do with our own hands, are now done through technology.

According to the, the definition of technology is “science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools”.  Perhaps these tools were invented because most of us are not used to waiting.  This was how man-made things began to evolve.  For the past few centuries, technology has increasingly ruled the world and encouraged our impatience.  Nothing is wrong with how we use technology, but God’s timetable is very different than the world’s view.  Poet Janette Ikz highlights that point in her beautiful piece, “I will wait for you”, referring to choosing a spouse.

In Janette’s spoken word, she describes how she fell short waiting on God’s timetable.  It broke her heart into pieces, yet she wasn’t surprised because she knew she was outside the will of God.   She wasn’t willing to wait that’s why she settled for a cheater, a liar, an abuser, and a thief.

At the end of her piece, she strikingly says:

“But to my Father, my Father who has known me before I was birthed into this earth, only if You should see fit. I desire Your will above mine. So even if you call me to a life of singleness, my heart is content with You – the One who was sent. You are the greatest love story ever told, the greatest love ever known. You are forever my judge & I’m forever Your witness, and I pray that I’m always found on a mission about my Father’s business.”

What a beautiful spoken word!

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