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The Story Behind Cory Asbury’s Powerful Song ‘Reckless Love’

We all need Christ's reckless love, even singers and celebrities too!

The Story Behind Cory Asbury’s  Powerful  Song ‘Reckless Love’
The Story Behind Cory Asbury’s  Powerful  Song ‘Reckless Love’

“There’s no shadow You won’t light up
Mountain You won’t climb up
Coming after me”

These lines are part of the wonderful song composed by Cory Asbury titled “Reckless Love”.  The song became so popular that even Hollywood artists, little kids and soldiers were singing it.  Sometimes people get confused when they read the title of the song, but the moment you hear it and know the story behind it, you realize how intimate the love of God is.

Many people are asking, why is it called “Reckless Love”? The word “Reckless” does not refer to God Himself, the God we are serving is not reckless.  However, it refers to the way God loves us.  If you try to consider what He did on the cross, He is utterly not concerned with the consequences of His actions in regards to His safety, comfort and well being.

He is so in love with you and me, that He came to earth to show how much He is willing to sacrifice just to have you back in His arms.  His love isn’t selfish and He is never been self-serving.  He would offer His life to give us the freedom that we don’t deserve.  His love leaves the ninety-nine just to find the one who went astray.

Cory himself experienced the same kind of love,“His love saw me, broken down kid, with regret as deep as the ocean.  My innocence in youth poured out like water, and He found me, and He put me on His soldiers.  And He carried me on.  Because He is just that good, He is just that kind, He is a Father that never gives up.”  Cory Said.

Watch the whole video and discover the story behind this powerful song.

Credits: Cory Asbury, Bethel Music


Cory Asbury  is a Christian musician, worship pastor at Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, MI, and songwriter. He is also a part of the Bethel Music collective.

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