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The Unsung Women Of The Bible: Revelations From Their Stories

These women thought for themselves and took a path of their own to find freedom in Jesus!

The Unsung Women Of The Bible: Revelations From Their Stories
The Unsung Women Of The Bible: Revelations From Their Stories

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and everything written within it has been included for a reason.  Hidden within each chapter and story are revelations applicable to our lives today.   Have you ever noticed the stories of the nameless women in the Bible?  Nameless women are some of the unsung women of the Bible whose stories contain revelation for our Christian lives today.

The Woman with the Issue of Blood – Matthew 9:20-22

This woman is one of the unsung women of the Bible because she pushed past cultural norms to actively live out her faith in Jesus.  This woman was considered “unclean” because of her physical condition and was forbidden in the culture of her time from interacting in public.  Her faith in Jesus’ ability heal propelled her beyond the limitations of culture.  She took a risk, fought through the crowded, touched the hem of His garment, and was healed!


  • Faith accesses breakthrough. This woman’s faith is what drove her to overcome the physical barriers of her medical condition and the crowd to get to Jesus. Her faith also drove her past the condemnation of being labeled “unclean”.  Her breakthrough happened because of her faith.  Use faith to access your breakthrough!
  • We have access to healing through Jesus. The woman had been bleeding for twelve years, had spent all she had, and no doctor could help (see Mark 5:26).  Jesus was her only hope and He was able.  He is able to heal you too!

The Canaanite Woman – Matthew 15:22-28

This woman is one of the unsung women of the Bible because she persevered through testing, even from Jesus. The disciples urged Jesus to send her away. Jesus, Himself, told her it was not right to take the children’s bread and give it to dogs, but she kept focus and pressed through.  She agreed with Jesus, but found a loop hole in that truth when she reminded Him that, “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” (Matthew 15:27)

As one of the unsung women of the Bible she stayed focused on her mission to see her demon-possessed daughter set free.  She fought past the disciples discouraging her.  She didn’t skip a beat when Jesus insulted her cultural heritage. Her focus helped her find a way to present her request to the One who heals and in the end, her request was granted.  Her focused effort in receiving prayer helped set her daughter free!


  • Persevere in prayer. When you run into a hurdle keep putting yourself before the Lord. Keep asking.  Stay focused.  Don’t give up.
  • To gain freedom we have to let go. The Canaanite woman had to let go of her reputation and push past the disciples discouraging words.  She had to let go of pride and humble herself before Jesus.  It was her faith in the “crumbs” of Jesus that freed her daughter.  She let go and leaned in.  We can do the same!

The woman at the Well – John 4:7-16

The woman at the well is a really powerful unsung woman of the Bible because she helped ignite revival that swept across an entire city.  She encountered Jesus and humbled herself to receive the living water He was offering her to drink.  She could have crumbled under the weight of shame from her colorful love life, but instead, she chose to believe and receive the gift of eternal life.

This woman is an unsung woman of the Bible because she shared what she was given.  She could have thanked Jesus for transforming her life and continued on as usual.  Instead, she chose to give away what she had just received, and a great revival broke out with many coming to repentance.  The power of this unsung woman of the Bible was spark enough to fan the flames of revival across an entire city!


  • Revival starts with one. The woman at the well had an encounter with Jesus and shared it with others. Just like it only takes a spark to start a fire.  Revival starts with you and me!
  • One moment in God’s presence can change everything. She went to the well to get water.  What she found at the well transformed her life forever.  She went from an adulterous woman to an evangelist after she encountered Jesus.  Transformation is waiting for us in God’s presence!

These unsung women of the Bible are just a few of the women whose stories made history and continue to bring wisdom and revelations for living the Christian life!

This article was written by Sarah Crockett.

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