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The Vulnerability Of Compassion

Being present with hurting people, offering compassion over judgment

The Vulnerability Of Compassion
The Vulnerability Of Compassion

What do love, compassion, tenderness, and hope all have in common?

They’re vulnerable. They are present in the moment and they propose a softer approach, much of the time.

Kindness and tenderness can be offensive to the person who’s let their heart grow cold. They’ve worked really hard not to feel – and you’re messing that up.

We all know what it’s like to be in a place where we’re not quite ready to open up again. Not quite ready to let others have a voice in our lives…

But without our taking the risk to love, the hardened heart will never have the chance to change. To melt.

We need the brave-hearted, lovers of God to reach across the table and propose love. Forgiveness.

We need the courageous tenderness of God to course through our veins, reaching out to ask the simple question: “how are you doing?”.

Be willing to be present.

Compassion challenges us to lay down our opinions and dogma to have the ability to truly listen.

While we all need Jesus in our hearts, we all come from different backgrounds, which means we need to edit out the Christianese from our language and learn the language of love, instead.

Let the Spirit of God show you how to love. Let’s lay ourselves vulnerable to however the hurting one sitting in front of us may respond to our invitation to enter into a safe space. Let them work through what they may, and stay with them in it.

They are worth your risk. They are worth your love.

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