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The War Over Jerusalem Temple Mount

The tension of Israel’s Sacred Land.

The War Over Jerusalem Temple Mount
The War Over Jerusalem Temple Mount

There has been tension between the religious sites and the people of Israel for decades. I don’t believe the momentum will stop anytime soon either. The war over the sacred land has been a battle due to multiple religions desiring to claim territory for their own people. The Jerusalem Temple Mount is known to be a holy place to both the Muslims and Jews. The Jerusalem Temple Mount is a walled compound in Jerusalem’s Old City. This ancient territory is one of the most frequent points of tension for both religious groups. Though it is under Israel sovereignty, it is administered by the Muslim Waqf. The war of these two groups and land shows how significant this historical landmark really must be.

History of Jerusalem Temple Mount

What is the history of this Jerusalem temple mount? The history of this Jerusalem spot makes it easy to see why there is so much strife over the land. This Jerusalem Temple Mount is known to be the place where Solomon built the first temple around 950 BC. It is said to be the place of resting for the Ark of the Covenant with tablets of the ten commandments. It stood for 360 years until the Babylonians came and destroyed it. Herod is known to have built the second temple here around 20 BC. There were four courts surrounding it with a larger expansion than the first temple. It was later destroyed by the Romans in AD 70.


Jerusalem was later converted into a Roman colony where Jews were no longer able to enter. But after the Romans adopted Christianity, St. Helena was said to have built a church on the mount. Later during the seventh century, Muslims conquered Jerusalem and started to turn the temple into an Islamic sanctuary for worship and prayer for their people. Muslims built their two temples on the mount which created chaos and conflict for both religious parties.

Who Does it Belong to?

There are two conflicting stories said by both the Muslims and the Jews. While Jews believe that the Jerusalem Temple Mount is where Abraham sacrificed Isaac on Mount Moriah, Muslims believe it is the place where Muhammad’s ascent to heaven took place. According to the Jews and the Bible, the Jerusalem Temple Mount was also where King Solomon built the first temple of the Jews and later a second temple. Muslims call this spot the Noble Sanctuary where they claim the Miraculous Night Journey took place with Muhammed. While both parties have their beliefs, archeologists have found little evidence of the temple’s debris to reveal all the details and storyline. Today the land belongs to both Jews and Muslims. There is constant action taken today as to who controls this land.

 The Split Sight of the Temple Mount

Since there has not been a resolve of one or the other religious group, both have sights on the mount today. Two sights the Muslims occupy is the Dome of the Rock in the north and the Al-Aqsa in the south. Jews occupy the western wall located, known as the remnant of the second temple and a holy site for the Jews. This is located in the southwest area of the mount in Israel. Many forms of religious worship happen at all three of these sites, bringing lots of spiritual tension to the air. The constant battle over Israel is astounding and is not overlooked by either religious people group.


Pray for Peace for Jerusalem Temple Mount

How do you pray for Israel and the Jerusalem Temple Mount? One of the most important things we can do now is praying for peace for this sacred land of Israel. Stay up to date on the condition of Israel by watching the news so you know how to pray. People’s safety is the number one priority and that no one would be harmed. Pray for Israel’s leaders as they undergo all this tension and decisions. Israel is a sacred land that needs to be protected at all times. I believe prayer is the most powerful force and weapon to be used in this day and age. Let’s come together for such a pivotal time as this!


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