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The Wonderful News of Eternal Life in Jesus

We are never too young nor too old to learn of Jesus and everlasting life.

The Wonderful News of Eternal Life in Jesus
The Wonderful News of Eternal Life in Jesus

When I was four-years-old, a young friend of mine died of leukemia. Up until then, the only concept of death that I’d come across was when I’d trodden on a cabbage-white caterpillar. One moment it had been wriggling along the path and the next it was squashed and motionless. In general, life had seemed beautiful. I’d mainly experienced happy days, with highlights like dressing my dolls, having bubble baths, going to birthday parties, and opening Christmas presents. This was horrible news for my little brain to fathom, but I would soon learn of the wonderful news found in Jesus Christ.

My little world of doing family life with my dad, mum, and older sister had suddenly been invaded by the tormenting reality of death. Often, I would stare into this little girl’s garden and wonder where she had gone. How could she just not be there anymore? Only a few weeks before, we’d been sitting playing with our toys on her front lawn.

Faced With Mortality

The whole concept of death terrified me. I had to find answers to the purpose of life. I distinctly remember, even at four-years-old, going to bed, staring up at the clouds, crying. I’d pinch my skin and think “I’m more than just this flesh and bones.” And I’d say out loud, “Kerry, you will never be again,” trying to accept that someday I would just cease to exist. I couldn’t bear the fact that I’d never see my parents again. I didn’t want to go forward in life until I found some answers. What was the point in doing anything, of loving your family, of building relationships, if it all just ended in nothing?

Childlike Faith

Never underestimate the Holy Spirit’s work on a young child’s heart, or their ability to comprehend deep spiritual truths. God’s Word says that He has set eternity in the hearts of men. We are born with this search written into us! I now know God heard the cry in my heart and began to reveal Himself to me. My mum started to read me stories about Jesus from a children’s book that introduced me to Him. I heard how He healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons, walked on water, and did many miracles. Having lived this perfect life of bringing love, hope, and transformation into people’s lives, He then went on to die a gruesome death on the cross. But it didn’t end there! The wonderful news is, He rose again and conquered death!

Wonderful News: Life Everlasting

I was aware, even though young, that I had an inherently sinful nature. I’d made the wrong choices and knew that bad attitudes lived in my heart. I soon came to understand that Jesus is our Creator, that He loves us and died that we can come into a relationship with Him for all eternity. Death truly has lost its sting. As we accept what He has done for us, turn our hearts from evil and invite Him into our lives, we can be assured of life everlasting. Best of all, His Spirit leads us to the knowledge that His Father has become ours. He is our perfect Father and He cares for us. Not one sparrow falls to the ground without His knowledge. He is for us and wants to help us in our deepest need.

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