"There is a way out" - Viewers Share Testimonies Of What God Has Done | God TV

“There is a way out” – Viewers Share Testimonies Of What God Has Done

GOD TV Continues To Bring Hope To Viewers Worldwide

“There is a way out” –  Viewers Share Testimonies Of What God Has Done
“There is a way out” –  Viewers Share Testimonies Of What God Has Done

The GOD TV team is thankful to receive testimonies from viewers regularly that show how the ministry is just ‘the right thing at the right time’ for many people.

  • “Watching Today with Ward just now, and hearing the couple speak on your show, it touched me. I was searching for something or someone that would relate to what I’m going through. Their words showed me that there is a way out of this life I’m facing. Thank you God for GOD TV and thank you for reaching out to the lost through this wonderful and fruitful channel. Thank you Ward Simpson. I watch GOD TV every day. I pay for 64 channels on my TV but I watch only one and that is GOD TV.” – Claire. 
  • “I just recently opened up to Jesus and I’m seeking Him. I’ve noticed that I have a hunger for the Word of God, going to church and being around other believers who know Christ. I am grateful for this platform that has allowed me to seek Jesus. May God bless all who make this possible in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.” – Shantel.

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  • “I had a bad fall down the staircase in October, 2015. My thoracic disc got compressed. I was bedridden. Every day I used to watch GOD TV for five to six hours. I prayed for healing. After two weeks I was able to walk about slowly. Two months later I was cured. Now it’s three years and I have no problem. ” – Ancy, India.
  • “This day while watching I got saved and received the Holy Spirit. Thanks, you are a blessing to me.” – Frank, Kenya.

Watch: the extraordinary testimony of Darren Jones, a former marine who shares how his life was filled with darkness and how it is now a lighthouse.

We appreciate our team at GOD TV who put so much effort into making the ministry a source of hope and reassurance to those watching. Of course, we’re also grateful to our partners who are a vital part of the team. Together we can share with viewers that they are not alone and God is for them in whatever they face.

We continue to pray for all our viewers – if you have a prayer request please email us at [email protected] or let us have your prayer request online. It is always so encouraging to hear testimonies of what God has done. We’d love to hear your testimony. Share what God has done in your life.

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