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There Is Only One Way

There Is Only One Way
There Is Only One Way

I am here in Aruba with the Wallnau yearly vacation and spending time listening to God. I have been asking Him questions and then just listening. One of the biggest things as I read one of Rick Joyner’s books and the Word of God that keeps coming to mind is how¬†there is truly only one way. There is only one way to move forward in the era that we are all already moving into. There is only one way for us to be who God created us to be. There is only one way to accomplish all He put within us on this earth. There is only one way to see heaven invade earth. It’s by the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

He calls us to “Seek first the kingdom of Heaven” and then everything we were made to steward and have will be added to us. So many of us have read this scripture. Do you realize that any discomfort, confusion or lack of community we may be feeling could be because we are not in the right place? Rick Joyner states that many christians tell him that they cannot find a church family to be part of. He says that often times it’s because they chose to take a job opportunity, move closer to family or go live in a geographical location of choice AND THEN seek God. Meaning, they are not even living in the place God has called them to.

I feel a healthy challenge here by God and by the generals in God’s army to re-evaluate the choices I have made in this hour. Did I seek you first here, God? Did I wait to listen to you? The journey may not be easy ahead, but it will always be bathed in His peace when we are where we are called to be. I am praying for God’s remnant army to rise up in this hour with humility and a true desire to seek Him first. I am praying we will all wait upon Him, hear Him and respond. No matter the cost. You are so loved and I pray these thoughts encourage you as they have encouraged me.

Remember, it is never too late to seek first His kingdom. It does not matter your age, your circumstance, your past choices, it can always be time to seek Him… starting now.

– Jamie Lyn Wallnau, Author of Holy Revolution

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