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There’s A ‘Sound of Revival’ Coming, All Over The World!

"Like a mighty wind..."

As the nations of the world begin this process of restoration, I can’t help but consider the words in the Book of Jeremiah. In chapter 33, verse 6, it says, “Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.” Do you hear the sound of revival coming? Let me explain…

We have all experienced this season of needing more hope, peace and truth. The Sound of Revival is the cry of many of our hearts. We’ve witnessed so much despair and discouragement. It is refreshing to hear this song, as just doing so is causing this stir within my own soul, and as He continues to reach the innermost parts of my being for it.

Written by Esteban Ramos and Jose’ Garraffa, the lyrics of this song come on like waves of this much-needed hope and encouragement. Esteban shares, “Words cannot express how thankful I am for this amazing team who have helped me bring this vision to life. I believe that there is a generation rising up and crying for revival for our families, our nation, and for the Church.” 

Esteban continues, “I am extremely excited to share ‘Sound of Revival’ with the world. But I cannot move on without thanking each and every one of them who have sowed their time, gifts/talents, anointing, and hearts into it!”

About Esteban Ramos

Esteban Ramos is a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, currently residing in Waterbury, CT. He was married in 2009 to Ruth Flores and is the father to two beautiful daughters, Noemi and Rachel.

Esteban is known for his cross-cultural prophetic sound. Raised in a Spanish Pentecostal church, he developed his love for music at a very young age and continued to develop his gift while in school becoming a multi-instrumentalist.

Esteban began leading worship in his local church at the age of 16. As Esteban continued to grow and develop as a worship leader, God began opening doors for Esteban to travel to many churches within New England to lead worship, workshops, and develop worship teams within his community.

A ‘Sound of Revival’

Esteban Ramos releases his debut single, “Sound of Revival,” to radio on March 22, 2021, being distributed to networks all around the world. His heart’s desire is to release the sound of Heaven on earth, for every nation, and for every people. He explains, “When I wrote ‘Sound of Revival,’ I wrote it because that’s what my heart was crying out for. Now, to see how God is using this sound and message to touch so many hearts all over the world… It’s amazing!”

Sound of Revival has already hit six countries, including the United States. Like a Mighty Wind, His Holy Spirit continues to move, as we do each get to be a witness to this. Where the deserts were running dry, and the land was parched, we are each being replenished, as His refreshing waters flow, replenishing all the land.

For more information on this up-and-coming artist, please visit his website at Sound of Revival is available for streaming on all digital platforms. Stream now on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube, by clicking the links to subscribe. 

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