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This Is How To Raise Your Standards

Steven Furtick calls out the ways we may have been settling for less when it comes to our standards in life

This Is How To Raise Your Standards
This Is How To Raise Your Standards

For those of you who may be going through life’s trials and feeling weak in this moment – you need to hear this powerful message! There is a hidden connection between your standards and God’s strength. Which is why the leader of Elevation Church is exhorting us to raise our standards in life.

So how do we do it?

Pastor Steven Furtick shares a powerful message about how and why we need to raise our standards in life. It all starts with setting our standards according to who Jesus is. Learning to evaluate who Jesus is in our lives and asking Him about the standards that we may need to raise to and begin to pray for.

“How can you expect God’s strength if you don’t expect God’s standards?”

“How can you make God the source of your strength if you don’t make Him the source of your standards?”

– Steven Furtick from his sermon, “How To Raise Your Standards”.

When we feel weak and broken, we ask God for strength. But the truth is, we have given away our strength because we have lowered our standards in life. We seek our understanding according to what the world sees and we forget that God has a different standard for His children.

Let God be the source of your standards.

Do not base your life according to what you see in the world. Apply God standards and allow Him to teach you. You need to worship the God who is bigger and wiser than you. You need the God who knows everything. Do not simply base your standards according to your own knowledge and understanding.

We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood of God. You are not just an ordinary person. You need to step up and live a life of righteousness according to God’s love and holiness. Raise your standards and experience the fullness of God’s strength.

Watch and be inspired by how Pastor Steven Furtick powerfully shares this message:

Credits: Official Steven Furtick

This article was compiled by Kriza Jo L. Tanduyan.

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