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This Podcast Will Change Your Life

Life isn't perfect and neither are we - Justin and Abi Stumvoll

This Podcast Will Change Your Life
This Podcast Will Change Your Life

“Life isn’t perfect and neither are we. Nope! But we know how to face our fears, have fun, and talk about all the messiest things of life.” – Justin and Abi Stumvoll

The Connected Life podcast has changed my life…and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I’m not writing this article to promote their podcast, although I love it. I’m writing this article to connect you to a source healing, freedom, wholeness, and breakthrough.  God is using these two world changers to do just that – change the world – one messy conversation at a time!

The Angel of Breakthrough

I was first introduced to Justin and Abi when I found a teaching series by Abi called Redefined By Love.  I remember listening to her message as I was driving south on I-95 somewhere in the middle of Georgia.  At one point during the message, Abi invited Justin up on the stage to share.  He began to share a testimony about how the Angel of Breakthrough had been showing up to some of his consulting sessions.  The moment he mentioned the Angel of Breakthrough I could sense something shifting in the atmosphere.

As I leaned into Holy Spirit I suddenly became aware that the Angel of Breakthrough was siting in my passenger seat!  I couldn’t see anything with my natural eye, but I could sense its presence.  I could also “see” in my spirit, or mind’s eye, a vague outline of a figure.  Before I knew it the Holy Spirit began to unpack the purpose of the angel’s visit and revealed several keys for breakthrough.  It was one of those moments that marks you!

This is just one example of the breakthrough that Justin and Abi carry in their messages.  It’s life changing!

Finding hope in the messy parts of life

In December 2018, Justin and Abi released their first episode of The Connected Life and I’ve been listening ever since. Why? …because of the promise in Revelation 12:11, “they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”  The conversations they start and the stories they share are their testimonies and it’s bringing breakthrough into so man people’s lives.

As of today, there are thirty-six episodes available and they weren’t kidding…they talk about the scariest, messiest, mot shameful topics of life!  Episodes include,

  • Learning, Surrender, and Trust as a Lifestyle
  • The Battle with Our Bodies: Winning the War with Weight
  • Facing Our Greatest Fears: Married Life Year One
  • Redefining Success: Married Life Year One
  • Foundations of a Great Sex Life!
  • Shattering Shame and Creating Connection in the Bedroom
  • Abi and Justin’s Explosion
  • A New Approach to Parenting
  • The Power of Adding Fun to Your Life
  • 6 Keys to Winning a Woman’s Heart
  • Learning to Have Realistic Expectations of Yourself
  • Sex, Sex, and More Sex: Creating the Life You Love
  • Finding Connection Through Clashing Cultures
  • Ending the Gender Battle
  • 6 Keys to Successful Dating

Life changing revelation

Each time I’ve listen to The Connected Life I come away with things to process with God.  The way Justin and Abi talk about some of the hardest things of life make them seem…well, not so hard.  Episode 27, Redefining Dating, definitely changed my life.  I grew up in the I-kissed-dating-goodbye generation where dating was high stakes and I need to know if he was “the one” in the first five minutes of the date.  Do I have the desire to be married?  Heck YES!  Have I have the best perspective on how to approach dating? Heck NO!

In this particular episode Abi and Justin interview their friend Ruth about her five year dating hiatus and breaking free from shame dating.  At one point, someone made the statement, “Dating doesn’t have to be high stakes”.  This statement was life changing for me.  Think about it…a date isn’t the marriage proposal some of us have made it out to be.  A date is two adults spending time getting to know one another for the purpose of seeing if they want to keep getting to know one another. That’s it! How life changing!

Guess what?

Since this revelation, I was asked on a date by a man I would not have previously considered.  It was a great experience.  We went on one date, the conversation was good, and it went really well. Guess what? I never heard from him again….and I’m TOTALLY ok!  The lies, shame, and fear that Justin and Abi exposed that day set me FREE.

Go listen to their testimonies….I mean podcast….t just might change your life too!!!




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