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Thought of the Day: Are You Surrounded by Moldy Fruit?

Mold spreads faster than you think

Thought of the Day: Are You Surrounded by Moldy Fruit?
Thought of the Day: Are You Surrounded by Moldy Fruit?

Okay, let’s be real here, this might be the strangest “thought of the day” title ever…but bear with me. One of the worst feelings ever is craving a piece of fresh fruit and getting to the fridge to find the bundle consumed by mold.

Well, today my fruit was covered in mold and I was both disgusted and annoyed, but it led to an interesting internal dialogue.

I asked myself how this could have happened. You see, just yesterday, only a few of the pieces of fruit had mold. Most of the fruit was fine. That’s when it hit me – mold spreads a lot faster than I realized.

Then the Lord spoke to me as clear as day and said, “Who are the people around you whose mold is spreading onto your fruit?”

I immediately realized that I had been making excuses for people whose “mold” was affecting my fruit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, forgiveness, perseverance, and self control).

“Oh, her mold isn’t that bad; it covers a lot less surface area than a lot of people.”

…but she sure steals my joy.

“No, I don’t ever go around him when his mold is too dark.”

…but my self-control is negatively affected when I’m around him.

“The two of them are probably getting someone to help them with their mold.”

…but my kindness is definitely covered by hurtful words and contempt when I see them.

Everyone has heard the saying, “You become like who you surround yourself with.” But it’s too easy to think yourself above that crucial statement. It is so important to surround yourself with people who help in keeping your fruit fresh. The people that you spend your time with have a direct effect on your character. You might not realize it on day one or week one. You might not even realize it on year one…but your relationships change you.

Seek relationships with others who keep your fruit fresh.

What do your relationships look like?

Here are some attributes of the type of people who help us stay fresh:

Positive           Uplifting           Passionate

Wise               Loving             Caring

Honest             Joyful             Understanding

Forgiving         Loyal               Trustworthy



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