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Tim and Robby Tebow Release a New Preview for ‘Run the Race’

Watch the trailer here!

Tim and Robby Tebow Release a New Preview for ‘Run the Race’
Tim and Robby Tebow Release a New Preview for ‘Run the Race’

On Wednesday, January 23rd, Tim Tebow supercharged his fans tweeting the new trailer for the movie he produced with his brother Robby, ‘Run the Race.’

Starring Mykelti Williams of Forrest Gump and Frances Fisher from Titanic, the movie is an inspirational film. CBS Sports said, “In ‘Run the Race,’ two desperate brothers sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. Reeling from his mother’s death and his father’s abandonment, Zach, an All-State athlete, finds glory on the football field. Working to earn a college scholarship and the brothers’ ticket out of town. When a devastating injury puts Zach—and his dreams—on the sidelines, David laces up his track cleats to salvage their future and points Zach toward hope.”

It will be released in theaters on February 22nd.

Giving Fans an Inside Look

Tim and Robby are also releasing a series of short video clips giving fans an inside look to their lives and into the movie:

Tebow’s Busy Year Doing Good

247 Sports said, “It has been quite a busy year for the former Heisman Trophy winner. In addition to Tebow’s duties as an SEC commentator with ESPN, Tebow remains hungry on his path to a pro baseball career after he was a minor league all-star last season. Tebow also announced his engagement last week to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.”

But Tim has also sent prayers and support through an encouraging video to 28 year-old Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy Jaime Morales, who was wounded in the line of duty.

Doctors say that Jaime Morales, who also served as a United States Marine, is now 90% paraplegic. On the video Tim said, “Officer Morales, hey, I’m Tim Tebow. I just heard about your story and I just want to say we’ll be praying for you. God bless you. Thank you so much for your service. God, He has an awesome plan for your life. Thank you so much for being an example to so many in your service. God bless you.”

Thank you Tim for being an inspiration and for following God’s leading. And we look forward to your upcoming movie, ‘Run the Race.’





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