Tim Tebow's Mother Pam Tebow: 'Doctors Told Me To Abort Tim.. But I Chose To Trust God' | God TV

Tim Tebow’s Mother Pam Tebow: ‘Doctors Told Me To Abort Tim.. But I Chose To Trust God’

Tim Tebow’s Mother Pam Tebow: ‘Doctors Told Me To Abort Tim.. But I Chose To Trust God’
Tim Tebow’s Mother Pam Tebow: ‘Doctors Told Me To Abort Tim.. But I Chose To Trust God’

Tim Tebow’s mother, Pam Tebow shares how doctors told her to abort Tim but refused and trusted God instead.

In 2013, popular Christian athlete Tim Tebow’s mom testified in a church recalling the story of how a doctor tried to convince her to abort her son.

Told To Abort Tim Tebow

Pam was in the Philippines with her husband serving as missionaries when she became pregnant with Tim. Unfortunately, during her pregnancy, she contracted amoebic dysentery, a deadly disease. Thus, the doctor advised to abort the baby or it would cost her life. They told her “she didn’t have a baby”, but a “tumor” and had to “undergo an abortion.”

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The Ripple Effects author also shared this story during a speech at the March for Life in 2018.

“From the beginning, it was a difficult pregnancy, profuse bleeding, and cramping,” she told hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers.

Tim Tebow Would Rather Be Known For ‘Saving Babies’ Than Winning Super Bowls

“We kept thinking we lost Timmy so many times. The best doctor in town did some tests. She determined that Timmy was a ‘mass of fetal tissue – a tumor,’ and I needed to abort immediately or I would die,” she recounted.

“Because of our love for the life in the womb, we chose to trust God and refused to have an abortion,” she attested.

Tim Tebow and mom
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An Answered Prayer

Moreover, Pam also revealed that Tim was an answered prayer. One moment when they were overwhelmed with her husband at the appalling number of babies being aborted in the United States. Bob, her husband went down on his knees and prayed. He told Him that “if God would give them a son, he would name him Timothy, which means honoring God.”

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow boldly displays faith during a game in Broncos team as the quarterback – Photo by Julie Jacobson

“During this tough, difficult pregnancy I had no medical care, but I clung to our loving God,” Pam recalled. “And suddenly the bleeding stopped. My husband flew me to Manila and a wonderful, American-trained pro-life doctor saved my life and the life of our son.”

Miracle Baby

And that doctor called Tim Tebow as a “miracle” because “only a tiny piece of the placenta was intact.”

“When Timmy entered the world, [the doctor] said, ‘this is a miracle baby. I’ve never witnessed such a miracle,’ she testified.

When Tim was born, the mother recounted that he was “a little malnourished.” But Pam asked for family and friends to pray that he would “grow big and strong.”

The Tebow Family

And indeed, the Lord answered that prayer and even used Tim mightily to make a difference, all for His glory!

Reference: Activist Mommy, The Christian Post

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