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The Time is Now – A Word for YOU!

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The Time is Now – A Word for YOU!
The Time is Now – A Word for YOU!

The Time is Now

What is the single most important focus when it comes to our relationship with God? Is it all of the wonderful blessings that are poured out onto us? Is it the opportunities that open up to us? Is it the truly amazing gifts that we are presented? Is it the skills we learn to truly live a righteous and moral life? All these things are absolutely important and should be earnestly and intensely sought after, yes, but they are not the most important. What is? The time is NOW!

“You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence, there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalms 16:11).

Yearning deep within

Throughout the past few weeks, the intensity of my relationship with God has been deepening (though all I yearn and cry out for is for it to be deeper, rawer, purer. God, hear my prayer!). Alas, throughout this season of contemplation and reflection with God and in God, I have realized where the focus truly must lie. I can’t speak for everyone, nor will I attempt to, but all I know is that this is true for me and my relationship with God, so perhaps it will be for you, as well.

The focus is simple. Simpler than we may think. It is so simple that we may have even missed it.

The focus, dear ones, is God. Just God. A deep, heart-crying, intense, and truly raw relationship with our Lover. And how do we get this type of deep relationship with God? By focusing on God. By spending time with Him. By immersing ourselves in His presence. By resting in His seat of majesty. That’s it.

Yes, we are to deeply yearn after all of God’s amazing gifts, as well, truly and wholeheartedly. However, it is from the place of a deep and true relationship with God where we are to cry out for these gifts, blessings, and benefits. Then, being empowered by God’s presence with God’s gifts, we are truly strengthened to go out doing what we are called to do, boldly and ceaselessly going into the world to fully give it our all, bringing the love and power of God to wherever we are called. We are to focus on staying within God’s shadow, and from there, accessing all the true and powerful benefits of God Almighty.

A Word from God for you!

Recently, within the nook of God’s presence, I received the following insight. The insight came as a deep and urging direction, calling not only me but us, to go deeper into God’s presence, deeper into His gloriousness, without care, without worry, without question. I have written it in the voice of the Father, and I recommend reading it as if God is speaking directly to you:

My darling, we are entering into a new season, a season of going deeper into My presence. Press in, go deeper. Don’t worry about what others think about you. Don’t worry about what the people around you think, whether in the church or outside. Press in. Press into My presence relentlessly. Lose yourself in Me. Abandon yourself to Me. People will look at you. People will judge you. People will persecute you. People will see your complete abandon to Me, your complete heart-cry to me, and they will be uncomfortable. Good. Make them uncomfortable. Push them out of their comfort zones and let their hunger for My presence increase through My relationship with you. Let them watch and hunger. As for you, you must continue to press in, leaving behind the things of this world, leaving behind insecurities or worries of what other people think of you. Leave it behind, I said. Think of it no more, for it steals away My precious time with you. Come into Me, My darling. My heart cries for you. My heart needs you, my heart needs to experience you fully. I hunger for you, My darling. Don’t you see? Don’t you see what I’m doing? I’m calling you to go deeper. And through you, precious one, others will go deeper. Go forth, for I have called you. The time of My presence is now.

Now is the time

The time is now. We are called to urgently seek God’s presence, to urgently delve deeper into the endless seas of All That Is. We must act now. We must go deeper. We must realize who we are in Christ, abandoning ourselves completely to Him, without caring what others around us think. Be bold, He says, be bold and know who you are in Him.

We are called to give everything we have to God, to deliver ourselves completely into His welcoming hands. We must let Him work deeply in our lives, bringing us into greater levels of intimacy with Him. And it is from that place of being in God’s presence that we are emboldened to step into our true calling. To step into what we are meant to do with our lives.

The time is now. We must act. We must urgently seek God’s presence, throwing ourselves into His arms, and letting Him completely take over our lives. We must not let anyone or anything hold us back. We must obediently do whatever God tells us to do.

So, will you go deeper?

Will you press in? Will you jump into the deep depths of God’s endless ocean? The time is now. Let us give everything we have to our eternal Lover. Our Prince of Peace. Our Majestic One.

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