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To The Brink And Back

I almost threw my life away and God did something extraordinary to get me to change my plans!

To The Brink And Back
To The Brink And Back

Life matters to me because I almost threw it away. God saved me and taught me that my life has a purpose! There was a time I had reached the brink and thought that I just could not go on. I had even made plans in detail to get rid of my life. Then God did something extraordinary to get me to change my plans. I tried two more times. I sensed the presence of someone on the terrace, I believe it was an angel, I couldn’t go through with my plan.

Being rejected as a child for being a girl played a big part in making me believe the lie of the enemy that I didn’t matter. I felt unwanted, worthless, not-worth-loving. Many of us look down on ourselves because someone else rejected us or ill-treated us. Even though the person who behaved badly or betrayed us was wrong, we keep punishing ourselves for what happened…for years. We forget that our life matters.

Tree of Life - image by Emilio Küffer

Life Matters

Life on earth is nothing but a “stopover”. It doesn’t feel like home, because it isn’t. Our real home where we will be perfectly loved and accepted, even celebrated, is Heaven!

When I would feel suicidal years ago, I was always longing to die. I felt, “Nobody loves me, nobody cares, why should I live? My life doesn’t matter!” The truth was that I had locked myself up in a dark room; the light was outside. All I needed to do was leave the darkness to see the Light. The Light was always there, I had gone away into a dark corner and covered my head so it couldn’t come in. You see the truth is that “Darkness is the absence of Light.”

After God saved my life I came out of my dark corner and I learned that HE LOVED ME! He brought me out of that dark place in my life and gave me a purpose to live. Before my purpose to live was related to persons but when I got to know God, it changed and I began to live for Him.

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Heaven is our Home

When I learned about “Heaven” in the Bible, I was so excited because that was Home, the place of perfect love and complete acceptance! I prayed and asked God to take me “Home”. But then God made me understand that He had given me a fixed time to live on earth. There are many people who wanted desperately to live longer but they couldn’t. I have been blessed by a chance to live and do things that would make my Heavenly Father, my Lord, proud of. Would I lose that chance? NO!

Since then my prayer has been to live the length of life that God had written for me; to live a wholesome, godly life that is pleasing to God and to fulfill my destiny!

There is no one else like you!

Psalm 139:16 says, “Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book, all the days [of my life] were written before ever they took shape when as yet there was none of them.”

The truth is that God created you – UNIQUE & SPECIAL. Each one of His children is like a masterpiece. Not the same as anyone else in the whole world. People can look-alike, but they do not have the same DNA, the same fingerprint, the same abilities, giftings, skills and strengths you have.

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Life matters And God loves you!

When anyone tells you that you don’t matter… They are LYING! God loves you! The same is true about unborn babies. In Luke 1:44, Elizabeth tells Mary (the Mother of Jesus) “For behold, the instant the sound of your salutation reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.” John the Baptist was still a fetus in the womb of his mother Elizabeth but he made a movement and “leaped for joy” when Mary came to meet his mother. I sense God is saying that little unborn baby had character even there inside his mother’s womb!

No matter what your life has been like… If you have looked down on yourself or your life, ask God to forgive you. He created you. Saying that you don’t want your life is an insult to He who created you. You are who God made you to be! He made you unique, special and one of a kind. There is no one else like you in this whole world. This world needs you.



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