'Today Is A Miracle Day!' – Testimonies From Sri Lankans Who Received Food Parcels This Christmas | God TV

‘Today Is A Miracle Day!’ – Testimonies From Sri Lankans Who Received Food Parcels This Christmas

"We are speechless as the Lord has shown us His mercy and grace"

‘Today Is A Miracle Day!’ – Testimonies From Sri Lankans Who Received Food Parcels This Christmas
‘Today Is A Miracle Day!’ – Testimonies From Sri Lankans Who Received Food Parcels This Christmas

In 2016, GOD TV Sri Lanka began an initiative called “Feeding Hungry Homes”. It started off small with only eight food packs. However, the response was so overwhelming that in 2017 we doubled this. Now this year the Lord impressed upon my heart that in 2018 He would increase this number beyond all expectations.

I wrote a poem called “Here I Stand” and posted it on Facebook, informing my friends and well wishers that this was the beginning of a new humanitarian effort that would lift the spirits of many and would touch the Heart of the Lord.  Within two hours of posting it we had commitments from over 70 well wishers which grew to 250.

This has enabled us to distribute food packs to 250 families that will last them anything between 20 to 30 days for an average family of four.

As I prayed the Lord directed me to the Hebron Christian University at Norton Bridge, as well as the Salvation Army in Rabukkana and Kings Revival Church in Mount Lavinia as the three centers for the distribution. (The photo shows a group of pastors who assisted with the distribution).

Our program was concluded on December 15th and covered the districts of Colombo, Nuwera Eliya, Kurunegala and Rabukkana involving 25 Churches of all denominations. I addition GOD TV provided transportation to many towns in the Hill country to ensure the packs got to the destined homes.

Gratitude to God

These are some of the testimonies we got from the people who came to collect their food packs;

  • “We have seen food hampers in the supermarkets every Christmas, but knew that we would never ever see one of those packs in our home. Today we are speechless as the Lord has shown us His mercy and grace, moreover this blessing has strengthened our faith beyond all measure and we thank the Lord for GOD TV.”
  • “My mother is blind and I cannot go to work as I have to look after her. We get a small donation from the church which is not enough to survive. We eat the little we get from the vegetables that grow in our garden. Today is a miracle day as the food pack is so heavy and we have never carried so much into our home in all our life. We will not forget the Lord and His kindness, moreover the service of GOD TV in visiting this remote village.”
  • “I am the mother of two little girls aged 8-years and 4-years. My husband left me three years ago and took another wife, leaving me destitute. The local church assisted me monthly, but my life is one of pain as I have to ensure my daughters will have a better future than what I have had to face. I am in shock at this food pack as I have never had so much to carry to my home ever. I know this is the Lord and I praise Him and thank GOD TV for their commitment to help the poor.”
  • “I was of a different belief and got married to a Christian man who never behaved as a husband should have. The local priest has visited many times and now has begun to teach me to read the Bible. I have been in such joy as I have now come to the understanding of who God is. Today He has rewarded my faith as my children will have good food for the whole of December. I have no words to thank GOD TV and the work they do. Through the priest and GOD TV I see what Christ has done in their lives which has impacted mine. I am so happy to be a Christian.”
  • “I am a mother of two children. My husband is in jail in a the Middle East. As we were buying a few items of food I saw the large food hampers being stacked for sale during this Christmas and I cried to the Lord and said “Father have you forgotten my little children this Christmas? Why are we the only ones suffering, I feel so sad for my children”? Three days later the pastor called me and told me that GOD TV would be giving me a food hamper this Christmas. I cannot believe my cry, my pain and suffering was heard by the Father. I have no words to express this joy, I feel ashamed that I thought God was far from my situation. My faith has taken a new turn, thanks to the work of GOD TV.”

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