“We’re believing for a fresh move of Heaven!" Watch Today With Ward Simpson and Expect Revival in Your Life | GOD TV

“We’re believing for a fresh move of Heaven!”

Watch Today With Ward and Expect Revival!

“We’re believing for a fresh move of Heaven!”
“We’re believing for a fresh move of Heaven!”
On GOD TV’s flagship series, Today With Ward, Ward Simpson presents updates on our global activities, upcoming new programming and special events. Each episode will take you deeper and draw you closer in your relationship with God. Join Ward as he introduces you to special guests who minister the healing, saving and delivering power of Jesus Christ.

Revivalist, Messianic believer and GOD TV’s President and CEO Ward Simpson recently shared on Today With Ward how God wants to use everyone to extend His kingdom, not just Christian leaders. That’s why this series can be so impactful, as viewers are inspired to step out of their comfort zone and trust God to use them, wherever they are.

Ward said that often during the Brownsville Revival, breakthrough did not come because of the prayers of the leaders, but because people in the congregation stepped out and prayed for others. “It wasn’t man at work, it was God at work and that’s what we pray for every day at GOD TV. That God will equip our viewers to reach the lost, pray for the sick and bring freedom to those who are held captive.”

“We are trusting God to bring revival into our homes and our churches. We are praying for a fresh move of Heaven in your life, because once you have experienced, revival, you can never go back to life as normal.”

This is the message that several revival leaders have echoed on Today With Ward and the GOD TV Team have been encouraged by the e-mails and letters we have received from viewers and partners.

Today With Ward Series Highlights

Today With Ward features highlights of GOD TV’s programming, testimonies of lives changed and interviews with all kinds of Christian leaders in different fields from business and entertainment to leading revivalists and revival worship leaders. Ward loves to speak to people whose lives have been impacted by God, sharing testimonies of what God has done and giving viewers an opportunity to meet the GOD TV team and hear from both new and old ministry friends.

More than 50 episodes have been produced to date and some of these include:

  •  Pastor John Kilpatrick of Church of His Presence, known for the Brownsville and Bay of the Holy Spirit revivals;
  • Prophetic revivalist Dutch Sheets who is a messenger of hope for America;
  • Nathan Morris of Shake the Nations who encourage viewers to avoid missing out on the moment they find themselves in;
  • The wife of the late Steve Hill, Jeri Hill of Together In The Harvest shares how she has overcome much adversity and is passionate about revival and healing. Their daughter’s Shelby Levy and Kelsey Morris are also featured on the series;
  • Evangelist Daniel Kolenda of Christ for all Nations (CfaN);
  • Intercessory Prayer Leader Lila Terhune;
  • Businessman, Rich Marshall who hosts [email protected] on GOD TV
  • Pastor Richard Crisco, host of God’s Path to Prosperity; and
  • Many revival worship leaders including Lindell Cooley, Roy Fields, Lydia Marrow, Rob Cox and Paul Wilbur.

Today With Ward feedback

  • “Thank you for Today With Ward. It’s exciting and fortifies and encourages us. I enjoyed seeing Lydia Marrow and Roy Fields again, Ward, you and your family and the GOD TV team are always in our prayers.” – Marilyn, Camborne, UK
  • “I love all the new developments at GOD TV, the fresh programming and new CEO, Ward Simpson. He’s a genuine man of God and I can sense the Holy Spirit is with him. I’m so happy the Lord sent him to GOD TV.” – USA.
  • “I am loving Ward Simpson’s series Today With Ward. It’s informative and encouraging.” – Douglas, Ayr, Scotland.
  • “I enjoyed the first episode with Ward and Fergus. It’s lovely to have interaction with you all. I can see Ward really loves people. Can we have more please?” – Daphne, Horsham, UK.

Ward Simpson – ‘A product of Revival’

Ward brings a wealth of experience in both business and ministry to GOD TV. Ward SimpsonPrior to joining us, he was a senior executive with the Simpson Group of companies, managing an international automobile distribution corporation. As executive director of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM) he was part of the leadership team in Pensacola, Florida during the world famous Brownsville Revival. Ward is a product of revival and has a passion to see revival fires spread across the globe. He is Married to Lydia and they have three children: Rafael, Netanya and Nathan.

In addition to being GOD TV’s President and CEO, Ward is also a powerful preacher. He often ministers at his home church, Church of His Presence pastored by John Kilpatrick.

Episodes of Today With Ward featuring Ward with his family include:

  • Lydia Simpson’s Miracle Surgery. Ward introduces his wife Lydia who talks about overcoming a major medical ordeal. Her doctors, Ryan Osborne and Jason Hamilton are also in the studio to document God’s healing power at work.
  • Ward talks to his mother, Lady Roberta Simpson, an author of children’s books and his son Nathan Simpson who is a key member of GOD TV’s digital content team. A talented writer, Nathan is a regular contributor to GODTV.com.

You can see Today With Ward on GOD TV on Friday evenings at 8:30 pm with a replay on Sundays at 7.00 pm.

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