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Tom Ruotolo Shares About His ‘Holy Spirit Download’

How You Can Take Your Cities for Jesus

Tom Ruotolo Shares About His ‘Holy Spirit Download’
Tom Ruotolo Shares About His ‘Holy Spirit Download’

Tom Ruotolo is a veteran of power evangelism. He has equipped tens of thousands of people around the world to be used by God in their day-to-day activities.

Tom pastored for 18 years before coming alongside Randy Clark of Global Awakening and being the director for the Global School of Supernatural Ministry. And then in 2007, he started Power and Love Ministries, which merged with Todd White’s Lifestyle Christianity in 2016. But then God recently “downloaded” a new strategy that launched him into his new ministry, called CityQuake.

A ‘Download of the Holy Spirit’

Tom joined me in a phone call for an Adventures in the Spirit episode. He was describing how the Holy Spirit gave him the new ministry download.

He says what he describes as a “download” of the Holy Spirit, “is not an audible voice, but it’s an all-of-a-sudden knowing in my mind and my spirit.”

He continues, saying, “I can picture where the Lord is taking me … I was asking the Lord, ‘How do we train and activate the body of Christ? How can we do this faster’?” He says not everyone can attend a long-term school of supernatural ministry. But he sensed the Lord showing him how to structure a four-day event he founded in 2007 called Power and Love. However, this last August, God gave him a follow-up download, leading him to start CityQuake, which is a long-term strategy to reach cities with the power of God.

Final Words

Tom also shares true stories of miracles God accomplished through people he trained in power evangelism. You’ll hear Tom’s heart, passion, and excitement and learn how you can take your city for Jesus through this podcast.

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This article was originally published on Charisma News.


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